100 Things to Do with an Applique Pattern

Buy a pattern, use it over and over (and over and over) again. That’s my motto! In that spirit, I’m building a list of 100 things you can do with an applique pattern. If you’ve used one of my patterns in a unique way – tell me about it! Or better yet, send me a photo and I’ll include it here!

You’ll get a lot more use out of a pattern if you’re not afraid to resize it to suit different purposes. You can always print it out and take it to a copy shop to have them enlarge or reduce it, but digital patterns are easy to resize at home. Here’s how.

And now – on to the list!Peekaboo Bear applique quilt pattern from Shiny Happy WorldOne-Block Quilt

Make the same block over and over again and join them together into an Andy-Warhol-ish quilt.

That’s what I did to make this Peekaboo Bear quilt, but you could do it with any applique pattern!

Crib-sized Cats Quilt - Pattern from Shiny Happy World

Simple Grid Quilt

Assemble all the applique blocks into a simple grid. That’s how the Cuddly Cats are designed – but you can do that with any collection of square block patterns.

Irregular Grid Quilt (with double size blocks)

This Safari quilt pattern has regular square blocks – but also some double-size blocks.

If you want to make a simpler grid with one of these patterns, you can just leave out the double-size blocks.

Noisy Farm quilt pattern from Shiny Happy World

Irregular Grid (with half size blocks)

The Noisy Farm quilt pattern also breaks up the simple grid – this time with half-size blocks. You can use this free alphabet pattern to add word blocks to any quilt pattern to create this more complex (and fun) layout.

Monster Pillow from Shiny Happy WorldPillow Cover

Make just one block and sew it up into a pillow cover. You can either enlarge the pattern to fit the pillow, or add some strips around the edges to frame it and make it the size you need. That’s what I did with this pillow, using just one block from the Scary Squares quilt. There’s a tutorial here showing how.

Kipper card using an applique pattern from Shiny Happy WorldGreeting Card

Forget about the fabric! Reduce the size of your pattern and use it as a template to cut and paste colorful paper onto a card. For this card for my daughter I used one of the blocks from the Puppy quilt, shrunk way down.

Cute puppies quilt in a checkerboard grif - pattern from Shiny Happy WorldCheckerboard Quilt

Maybe you don’t want to applique every single block in a quilt? Applique half of them! In this version of the Puppies quilt I alternated applique blocks with plain blocks.

Receiving Blanket

Dress up this free receiving blanket pattern with a simple applique peeking over the edge. I used the fox block from the Woodland Critters applique pattern on this one.

Tablet cover with dog applique pattern from Shiny Happy World

Tablet Cover

Dress up a tablet cover with a single applique pattern. This one uses one block from the Playful Puppies pattern and this free tutorial for making the tablet cover.

Trick or Treat Bag - a free pattern from Shiny Happy World

Small Tote Bag

Make a small tote bag with this free pattern. You don’t even need to resize the applique pattern for this one.


Shrink down a block pattern just a bit and make a placemat with this easy free pattern.

Free Christmas stocking pattern from Shiny Happy World.

Christmas Stocking

Use any qpplique pattern with this free stocking pattern to make a personalized stocking.

Mini Tote Bag pattern - free from Shiny Happy World

Mini Tote Bag

Use this free pattern with any applique pattern (shrunk down just a bit) to make a mini tote bag – great for carrying small toys around.

Baby Bib Pattern - adorable and free from Shiny Happy World


Bibs make terrific baby shower gifts! Here’s the basic bib pattern – fancy it up with any applique pattern.


It’s really fun to make felt coasters.

Turn any Quilt Block Patterns into Cute Coasters - tutorial from Shiny Happy World

They’re all hand sewn and quick to stitch up – and they make great gifts. Get the instructions here.

Wall Hanging with Wonky Churn Dash Frame

An easy and fun way to make a single block really special.

Make a Wall Hanging - How to Add a Wonky Churn Dash Frame to Your Favorite Quilt Block - tutorial from Shiny Happy World

Get the pattern here.

You can also use this pattern to make a fancier pillow cover.

More ideas to come! I’m hoping to really get all the way to 100. 🙂