Loop: Philadelphia, PA

Loop in Philadelphia

  • store: Loop
  • address: 1914 South Street, Philadelphia, PA
  • website:
  • date of visit: March, 2010

I was very excited to visit Loop, because I had heard things. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a neat freak… and I had been told that Loop was too neat, even for me. Someone even used the word ‘sterile’. To tell you the truth, I doubted that a yarn store could actually be ‘sterile’ (it’s yarn! It’s fuzzy!), but I had to investigate for myself.

And I was delighted! Yes, Loop was neat. It was organized. It was beautiful. But not cold & sterile! It was comforting and inviting. The yarn was displayed beautifully (yarns were organized by weight, then by yarn, then by color within the different yarns), and items were very easy to find. Samples were lovingly displayed throughout the store on mannequins and on table tops. The store contained a sofa for sitting & knitting, as well as a table for teaching classes. The staff was friendly. Even the wood floors were gorgeous… my kind of store!

Okay… down to the more serious stuff… the yarn! There was a lovely selection of yarn, a nice blend of well-known brands and indie dyers. They had Aslan Trends (a company that focuses on Natural yarns), Malabrigo, Blue Sky Alpacas and Tilli Tomas (known for amazing luxury yarns). In the hand dyed category, there had yarns from Black Bunny Fibers, madelinetosh and Scarlet Fleece. Of course, this is just a selection of what I spotted… there’s a lot more!

I think my favorite thing about Loop is captured in the photo above… they use skeins of yarn to make art for their walls. Isn’t that how it should be? Because yarn is beautiful, and worth staring at!

And, if you’re a sewer (like I am), be sure to check out ‘Spool’ next door. Spool is owned by the same folks as Loop, and displays the same peace, beauty and attention to color in display as Loop. Oh heck, visit even if you don’t sew. It’ll make you happy!