Seam Finishing Part I: Zigzag or Stitch & Pink – video

You all asked for it and I’m finally delivering! Garment sewing! It was the number one thing you requested when I did that survey a couple of months ago. Of course, we’ve gone over several general skills that you’ll use in sewing clothing – but now I’m going to start getting into specific things like using elastic, lots of closures and – seam finishing!

You can just leave your seams unfinished – but you’ll have snarly thread messes there the first time you throw it in the wash. I did that years ago on a quickie skirt for my daughter and she did NOT thank me. She kept thinking she had spiders crawling up her legs where the thread was tickling. 🙂

So – there are LOTS of different ways to finish seams, and we’ll go ever several of them in the next couple of months. But I’m starting today with the two easiest. These work on straight or curved seams, all weights of fabric. They’re not fancy – but they get the job done and they’re perfect for everyday items.

Happy sewing!




  1. The first garments I ever sewed–not too long after I got a machine & began sewing–were jammie pants from a bought pattern. Nowhere did it tell me to finish the seam allowances (unlike almost every online free tutorial out there). I made the first pair and was sort of horrified and went to buy a pair of pinking shears (the pants have held up well enough, luckily). Now I zigzag or just bury the edges entirely, if it’s a really fray-ish fabric. But really, those boughten store patterns just assume you know things…

  2. We call them thread goobers at our house 🙂 Very clear instructions BTW!

  3. I’m glad this was helpful! Those thread spiders (that’s what we started calling them) are pretty awful. 🙂

  4. Migdalia Cosme SAYS...

    I absolutely love your finishing tutorial. l will still watch a couple more tutorials this evening before I start on my sewing machine tomorrow. Thank you so much. You make it look easy.