How to Recover Headphones – Tutorial

Aren’t my “new” headphones cute? They were sooooooo easy to make! Here’s what I did.

The original foam covers on my cheapo headphones were disintegrating. Eeewww. And the hard plastic was sticking out. Ow.

I pulled off the foam covers and measured across the widest part of the ear piece and up over the sides a bit. Use that for the diameter of your circle.

I grabbed some fabric scraps and a bit of batting (so that’s what I keep the teeny-tiny otherwise-useless bits of batting for!) and quilted the layers together. Nothing fancy – just some wonky freeform spirals.

Next, I cut it into a circle (using that measurement as the diameter) and bound the edges with some old bias tape I had (1/2 inch wide single fold). And when I say old I mean OLD. The price was on the package. 4 yds/39 cents. Thanks, Granny for giving me all your old notions! See – I’m using them!

I used a blunt needle (technically a tapestry needle) to thread some faux hemp cord through the channel that the bias tape made and left some good long tails sticking out.

As soon as you start to pull on those tails, the circle will start to cup up around the edges. Fit it over the earpiece and tighten the cords as much as you can. Tie it off in a knot, trim the ends, and voila!

No more painful headphones! Made from scraps in less than 20 minutes. You can’t beat that with a stick!

Now that I can listen to my holiday music I’ll go back to my holiday sewing. Mrs. Claus and a little elf girl are coming soon. The elf girl’s shoes have pointy curled toes with bells on them! Fa la la la la. . .

Happy stitching everyone!



  1. I did that for my husband’s headphones with super soft cashmere! He loves them 🙂

  2. Anonymous SAYS...

    Good girl for knowing that saving things always comes in handy.