Make an Easy Dollhouse Rug

Make an Easy Dollhouse Rug

You can make a super cute dollhouse rug out of any scrap of fabric. Those weird, thick, random fabrics that somehow find their way into your scraps basket are especially good. 🙂 Here’s how. . .

Jo found this scrap of upholstery fabric. . . somewhere. . . and asked me to make into a rug for her doll house.

It’s a really cool fabric with great napped ridges on it. It really did look like a rug! But it was very ragged at the edges so I need to bind them.

I used prepackaged binding tape for an extra fast five-minute project, but you can make your own binding tape for a really fun look. Here’s how.

And here’s how to use that binding on the edges of the fabric – especially to get those nice mitered corners.

Have fun with it!

Applique Wendi (with fabulous hat)



  1. Well, no progress on the ufo basket, but a cabinet is rendered and I’ve been exercising. 🙂

  2. Good for you! I didn’t even *try* to put exercising on my list this year. . .

  3. Mending UFO Pile is down to one button to sew on. Unpacked all my button jars so now I can find one for the shirt.

    Then to finish curtain/drapes for our new living room.

    Then I swear I am going to sew myself something!

  4. I’m making my skirt this weekend!

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