Tutorial – Make a Tablet Cover

Tablet cover with dog applique pattern from Shiny Happy WorldThe day before I left for Quilt Market I decided that a really efficient use of my time would be to make myself a tablet cover using some of my new patterns. 🙂

I posted it on Facebook and I got a bunch of requests for a pattern.

How about a free tutorial instead?

First you’ll need to measure your tablet. Of course, they’re all just a little bit different.

Add one inch to each dimension – length and width. This is your cutting size. If your tablet is 8″ x 11″ your cutting size is 9″ x 12″.

Cut four pieces of fabric to your cutting size. Two are for the outside and two are for the lining.

Oh yes – it’s lined.

Applique whatever you like to the two outside pieces, using whatever applique method you prefer. You can find video tutorials for hand and machine methods here.

The puppy is Harold – one block in the Puppies quilt pattern.

Of course, you can use any applique pattern you like! Maybe one of the critters from the Safari Quilt for an animal lover?

For those who don’t like applique – how about embellishing it with some stitching? I’ve got a bunch of easy embroidery patterns here.

Or just make it out of the most fabulous fabric you can find!

Back the outside layers with some thin cotton batting and hold the layers together with some machine quilting. I just followed the line of the zigzags in the fabric. Easy peasy! Since the tablet is lined you don’t even need to back the batting.

So. You’ve cut your pieces, added any fanciness you like, and quilted in some padding. Time to start sewing it all together. This is super easy.

Sew your front to your back, right sides together, using 1/4″ seam allowance. Sew down one side, across the bottom, and up the other side. Don’t forget to backstitch at the beginning and end of your stitching.

Do the same thing with your two lining pieces except leave a 3-4 inch opening in the bottom for turning the whole thing right side out later.

Turn both the outside and the lining right side out and press.

Make a tablet cover - free tutorial at Shiny Happy WorldI’ve got my turning stick poked through the opening I left in the lining. See how I pressed that too? That’ll make it a cinch to sew up when you’re done.

Now turn the outside inside out again. Leave the lining right side out.

Measure a strip of elastic 3 inches long. I used soft fold-over elastic in a pretty color (I get mine here) but you can really use any elastic in any size or color.

Fold the elastic in half and pin it to the center of the front of your cover. (Fold the cover in half to quickly find the center.)

Make a tablet cover - free tutorial at Shiny Happy WorldI like to leave a little extra hanging over the raw edge.

Slip the lining (right side out) inside the cover (inside out). Line up the side seams and pin or clip the layers together around the top. The elastic loop should be sandwiched between the two layers.

Make a tablet cover - free tutorial at Shiny Happy WorldYou can really see my quilting lines here on the batting.

Sew the outside to the lining all the way around the top using 1/4″ seam allowance.

Make a tablet cover - free tutorial at Shiny Happy WorldI go back and forth over the elastic a couple of extra times. It’s a stress spot and I like to reinforce it.

Now comes the fun part.

Pull the lining out of the bag. Then pull the whole thing through the opening in the bottom of the lining. Sew up the opening in the lining using either whipstitch or ladder stitch and tuck the lining down into the bag.

Flip down the elastic loop to see where you need to position your button and sew the button in place.


Tablet Cover with cat applique pattern from Shiny Happy WorldHere’s the back of my cover. Of course I had to decorate the back too!

Happy sewing!




  1. Carol SAYS...

    Thank you Wendi,

    I have such a fabric stash and haven’t had time to sew or quilt for some time. Can’t wait to
    make this tablet cover. You have motivated this old lady to use up some of the fabric I love.


    • wendigratz SAYS...

      I’m always happy to give people a reason to dip into their fabric stash. 🙂


    Todo es muy lindo!!! desde que descubrí ésta página me siento muy feliz.



  4. wow nice cover. i just got a new tablet from amazon and i think i have found a perfect job to do this weekend . i hope mine turn out jusr as cute as yours. thanx again 🙂

  5. Sarah SAYS...

    I’ve been wanting to try applique quilting and this is the perfect little project to practice. Thank you!

  6. Linda Gentle SAYS...

    I love your patterns. I have 4 great grand kids that will love them too. Great Christmas gifts.