Want to see my new lovely skein?

When I visited Denver last week, I bought the prettiest skein of yarn:

handspun yarn

It’s a skein of handspun by Hummingbird Moon. I just can’t stop staring at it!

What should I make?

It’s about 300 yards of a sport/dk weight yarn. Hmm… what will it be?

I thought it would be pretty as stripes in a sweater (such as one like Paulie), but since this yarn is 100% merino… it will pill, so I don’t think a sweater will work.

It seems like too much yardage for a hat… hmm, maybe a shawl?

What do you think?

That’s what I’ve been up to this week… how about you? I hope you have an awesome Wednesday, and get some great knitting/crocheting done this week!

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  1. Linda Gwin SAYS...

    Oh what a lovely treat…
    I would make a hat and some fingerless gloves to match.. If the gloves pill, would just make them appear more cozy..

  2. JoeL SAYS...

    you just bought the one skein??hmmmm I try to never buy just one as its too difficult for me to make one skein wonders. If I but one skein it’s usually because i already have some of that yarn and am building it for a larger project. and it’s merino too huh?? hmmmm it looks like twists but i bet its super nice and sill be soft and durable too.

    It’s for this reason that I would suggest you reconsider the hat idea. may have dismissed it out of hand a bit quickly. Please bear with me a second. Lately I’ve been seeing the cutest hat patterns popping up on the net. there are plethora patterns for lots of different styles of hats for summer. Since I like patterned hats and I believe summer should be brights, like the super colors of this yarn, And one should try to protect themselves from the sun and their eyes benefit from this too. A brimmed hat would look wonderful on you. you seem the type that would not just wear a hat to wear a hat and this yarn would look great as a brimmed hat. something styled off the newpaper boy hats but with more of the modern look. you know, more developed and I love patterns with in patterns. It adds to the personality of the finished project and is funner that just a single stitch hat and it shows up providing more to the hat more depth more style and more enjoyment and happiness when you complete it and joy when you wear it too. I think the hat is the right choice so now,, just which style hat?? lol there are so many and I have seen just the thing in the past week too. What ever you choose enjoy and good luck


    • Thank you so much for your reply! My only hesitation with the hat is that it won’t use enough yardage… most of the hats I make are only about 150-200 yards… and it’d be a shame to not use the whole skein! It’s definitely a possibility, though!

  3. Mary SAYS...

    You could make a gorgeous cowl, Stacey! I love cowls, but it rarely is cold enough in California to wear one.

  4. Margaret SAYS...

    “Fabulous yarn” have a beutiful 1 skin yarn Shauwl .

  5. That is so lovely, I wish it was in my stash!! I say shawl.

  6. Joan SAYS...

    Beautiful yarn, love it.

  7. Kim M SAYS...

    I also think a shawl would be beautiful with this yarn. Maybe in a larger star stitch dc. I went to check out the web page, but their on vacation. Love, Love, Love this yarn…What ever you make will be beautiful.

  8. Shari SAYS...

    I think a neck scarf/cowl would be beautiful! A shawl would be beautiful too.

  9. Kaytech59 SAYS...

    I’ve stared at it and then closed my eyes. I see a cute small hat with a brim and a matching vest. A hat similar to a fedora and a vest with a cloth back in the color of the hot pink or lt. blue that’s in the yarn.

  10. Whatever you decide, I think simplicity will be the key since the colors of the yarn, although lovely, will probably make the fabric pretty busy. Lately I have been loving cowls and infinity scarves, so that is my vote!

  11. Lilop SAYS...

    Goodness, such a lovely yarn! I found a delicious knitting pattern that I personally love on Ravelry, and I think it may work for this skein. It’s called Pieces of Eight Mitts by Sybil R.

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