Playful Puppy – Felt Dog Ornament Pattern

Felt Dog Ornament - #11 in the 2014 Christmas Club Collection

As soon as I released the cat ornament a bunch of you probably guessed there’d be a dog coming.

Well – here he is!

I love the way his ears are perked up like he’s ready to play. We can’t see his tail, but I know it’s wagging. 🙂

This felt dog ornament is the eleventh ornament in the Christmas Club collection. There’s only one more to go!

2014 Christmas Club Collection with just one ornament left to release

Any guesses what that last ornament will be?

You can still join at any time! The Welcome PDF that you get with your order has a link to access all the patterns that have gone out so far. Get all the details and sign up here.

Merry Christmas!

That's me!