The Noisy Farm Quilt Pattern Is In the Shop!

Noisy Farm quilt pattern from Shiny Happy World

It’s here! The Noisy Farm quilt pattern is here!

I know I say this every time – but I love this quilt! 🙂

The little mice peeking into random blocks make me smile – and I love the addition of the words!

The crib-sized sample shown here has just ten word blocks, but twelve different animals. I didn’t do a word block for the goats or the llamas – but for those who are curious – llamas say hmmmmmm. If you make a larger size quilt you can make word blocks for all the animals. 🙂

I also include an alphabet so you can replace one of the animal sounds with a child’s name, or change what the animals say if you speak another language. Did you know that roosters in Germany say kikeriki? 🙂

The blocks are the same size as all my other applique quilts, so you can mix and match any of the animals (or monsters) to create your own design. Ooh! Ooh! You could use the layout of this farm quilt with the square blocks from the monster quilt, and change all the animal sounds to monster sounds!

I love it when you guys combine quilt patterns into your own creations. 🙂

Like all my quilts, the pattern includes layouts and cutting instructions for crib, nap and twin sized quilts.

Get the Noisy Farm quilt pattern here.

Happy quilting!

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  1. GrandmasBeans SAYS...

    Love it! Such a fun design!!

  2. Satellite Falling SAYS...

    This is ridiculously cute.

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  4. Patsy Rice SAYS...

    Love your work…….So glad I found you all…….Thanks……..Patsy Rice Dickinson, Texas