It’s Show & Tell Time!

It’s Show & Tell time again – time to share all the amazing things you guys are making with Shiny Happy World patterns. πŸ™‚ Once again I have too many photos for one post, so I’m limiting things to one category. This one is all about the Dress Up Bunch and the fabulous dolls and clothes you all have been making.

A Non-Allergenic Cat

Christine has a great story behind her cute kitty.

fabulous Pip the Cat (and friends) made by Christine

She writes. . .

I named my version Flannel Jo. She is for my niece, who fell in love with my black cat Joe…but can’t have a cat of her own since her dad is allergic.  Flannel Jo comes complete with her own pet mouse and Freddie Bear.

I brought Flannel Jo to my niece on Easter and gifted her in a real cat carrier….my niece squealed….and then promptly set about dressing Flannel Jo in each of her outfits, ending with her PJ’s and putting her to sleep under her tiny quilt with her Freddie Bear.
At your recommendation, I bought the Fairfield Poly-fil Supreme Fiberfil….and you weren’t kidding!  That stuff [ing] is awesome!
I had so much fun making Flannel Jo…and I have plans for more Flannel friends!


fabulous Pip the Cat (and friends) made by Christine

I love flannel Jo! And I love stories like this! Also – Christine is most excellent at styling her photos. πŸ™‚ I especially love flannel Jo lying on her side, petting little Napoleon the Mouse. πŸ™‚

Patterns: Pip the Cat, Pajamas, Play Clothes, Napoleon the Mouse and Freddie the Tiny Teddy Bear.

Dolls in Spring Dresses

I love these friends that Michele is making.

Sweet Spring Dolls made by Michele

That’s Lucy Charlotte and Nina Rose tending the chickens, and Lucy Charlotte with her new friend, Avery Jo, taking a break after finding all the eggs. I love their double names so much! And the fabric choices for the dresses are terrific.

Michele also sent this terrific photo of two of the girls in Cat’s Meow dresses – with their kitty!

good friends in sweet dresses - made by Michele

So sweet!

Patterns: Poppy, Lizzie and Violet, Spring Fling dresses, eggs and basketsChicken Little (free pattern), Cat’s Meow dress and cat

A Sweet Baby Gift

Look what Sharon made for her new granddaughter!

sweet dolls and clothes made by SharonSharon writes. . .

This is the doll and clothes I made for my grand daughter. She is due on June 22.  Every little girl should have at least one hand made doll. My daughter in law and everyone at the baby shower loved her. I can’t wait to start making more clothes for her and will probably make a few more of your dolls. The patterns are lovely and very well written.  Thank you so very much for sharing your passion for sewing and design with all of us.

She’s so sweet!

Pattern: Poppy

A Scottish Lass

Susan (from Scotland!) sent in this photo of her new doll – with a super sweet note.

A sweetie made by Susan

She writes. . .

Just wanted to tell you how much I love what you do. So look forward every week to the newsletter. I just love everything on your site and browse around all the time. Your ideas are amazing and brighten up an awful lot of people’s days :0) I have just finished my first little person from your pattern.

She turned out great! I especially love her freckles. πŸ™‚

Patterns: Emily, Cat’s Meow Dress

Spotty Spot

Donna made this terrific Spot the Dog.

Fabulous puppy made by Donna

Spots everywhere! On the dog, in the bright orange snaps on his jammies, and on that spectacular quilt! I love him!

Patterns: Spot the Dog, Pajamas

A Well-Dressed Doll

Look at what Shelley made!

adorable doll made by Shelley

This freckled cutie already has a terrific wardrobe – and some cute friends. πŸ™‚

Patterns: Emily, Cat’s Meow dress and cat, Spring Fling reversible dress, eggs and basket, and Chicken Little (a free pattern)

Topsy-Turvy Poppy

Look what Melissa made!

Cute topsy turvy Poppy, made by Melissa

She writes. . .

My daughter asked for a topsy turvy doll with pigtails. One that is awake and one that is asleep. She turned out great. Thanks so much!

So cute!

Pattern: Poppy, Topsy Turvy dolls (free instructions to turn any Dress Up Bunch dolls into a topsy turvy doll)

A Tree Hugger

I love this photo!

Adorable doll made by Sharlet

Julie writes. . .

My friend Sharlet and I both joined the DUB club. She made such a cute bunny jumper that I just had to send a pic. BTW, this Lizzie lives in Oregon and as you can see – she’s a tree hugger.


Patterns: Lizzie the doll, Spring Fling dress

Dress Up Bunch Clothes on Teddy Bears

Look what Kim did!

Kim's classroom bear wearing Dress Up Bunch clothes!

She writes. . .

For Christmas last year, I made dolls, clothes and pyjamas for my two youngest nephews and my niece – they were very well received and are well loved, but I forgot to take pictures before I wrapped them up!

However, I actually used the clothing and pyjama patterns for a different project recently and I did take photos of this one!

Jackson is our new class bear (I’m a primary school teacher) and he was in need of clothing and pyjamas before he went off on adventures with the children in my class. The pyjama legs needed shortening slightly, but otherwise the clothes were a really good fit! The children in my class love them and think it’s great that Jackson can get ready for bed when he’s visiting them – one child told me he spent two whole days in his pyjamas when he was with her!

I thought you might appreciate seeing an alternate use for a couple of your patterns (not that the dolls aren’t awesome, because they are, but our class bear needed to be washed regularly and I didn’t trust my sewing skills to withstand that if I made a doll for us instead!)

He looks so dapper! I can’t believe the pattern fit so well!

Patterns: Pajamas, Play Clothes

A Dress Up Bunch LION!

Louise shared two terrific Dress Up Bunch dolls. I love this Lizzie!

Sweet little Lizzie, made by Louise

And look at this fantastic lion!

Awesome lion made by Louise

Louise writes. . .

This past week my daughter visited from Indiana and we spent most of the time making things from your patterns. We had so much fun with Dress Up Bunch dolls and making a kitty quilt. I’ve attached our modified DUB lion, made for my daughter’s friend’s little boy who is about to turn one (last name Lyon). I would do it a bit differently next time, but the felt mane and pompom tail were fun additions. Aren’t the shorts fun? Lions don’t need shirts πŸ˜‰ Thanks for making our world shiny and happy, too!

He’s utterly fantastic!

Patterns: Lizzie the doll, Cat’s Meow dress and cat, Pip the Cat (awesomely adapted to become a lion), Play Clothes

Super Fun Stitching

I always look forward to Julie’s photos because she adds such amazing embroidery to her work. (You may remember her doll quilt in this post.) Look at this outfit she made for Lizzie!

Adorable Lizzie made by Julie

That apron! I have no words.

Pattern: Lizzie the doll, Cat’s Meow Dress (substantially adapted to add an apron), Sly Cat embroidery (free pattern)

Lizzie and a Froggy Friend

I love this pair from Sally!

sweet friends - made by Sally

She writes. . .

I modified the Ferdinand pattern [designed by Abby Glassenberg] for my grandson’s Valentine.  I made the clothes for Lizzie in a Valentine pattern for my granddaughter.

What a sweet gift!

Patterns: Lizzie the doll, Simple Skirt (free pattern), Ferdinand the Frog (free pattern from Abby Glassenberg)


I love seeing kids with their softies!

adorable Pip the Cat, being put to bed by an even more adorable little girl

Numsie writes. . .

My granddaughter’s absolute favorite Christmas gift this year is the cat from your dress-up bunch. She is just over 2 and I wasn’t sure if she’d like a dress-up toy. I was afraid I’d missed the mark, but she ADORES it! She named it KittyCat and it has its own chair at the kitchen table now that no one else is allowed to sit in. It goes everywhere with her. I’m attaching a photo of her and KittyCat in their owl PJ’s.

Too much adorableness!

Pattern: Pip the Cat, Pajamas

Seriously awesome creations from everyone! Every time I get one of these photos it makes me so happy. I love seeing what you make with my patterns!

More Show & Tell posts coming soon for quilts and other softies – keep the fabulous photos coming!

Happy sewing!

That's me!




  1. Sharon Mausey SAYS...

    I love your show and tell post. Everyone is such an inspiration! So many talented and creative folks in this big old world. I’d much rather enjoy all of this sweetness than focus on the negative things that are happening all around us. We’ve all but stopped watching the news ( we do continue to pray for them ) and have started focusing on filling our own lives with much more shiny happy things. Thanks for sharing, you all are a blessing to so many, not just the receipients of your beautiful gifts.

    • Thanks so much! It makes me so happy putting together these posts and I’m so glad they make other people smile too. πŸ™‚

  2. Louise SAYS...

    I love show and tell because I get to see everyone’s interpretation and creative touches. I love Julie’s embroidery (that cat is hilarious) and the shoes she added to Lizzie. Adorable!

  3. I just love seeing all your Show and Tell posts! All the variety and different fabric choices are so fun to see. Thanks for sharing!

    • These are some of my favorite posts to write – I’m so glad you like them! πŸ™‚

  4. Rhonda SAYS...

    Wow! They make me feel good! I should go to bed but now I am thinking about making another PIP. I put the pads on the hands and feet with pink wool on my 1st one. She turned out nice.