My Craftsy Class Is Almost Here! Enter to Win It for Free!

Craftsy Class - Fusible Appliqué Made Easy

You guys! It’s almost time for my Craftsy class to launch!

I shared a little while ago that it’s a quilting class, but now I can announce that it’s a fusible appliqué class. My favorite method and a brand new exclusive pattern! Woo hoo!

After the class officially launches I’ll be sharing more details about the specific lessons. Right now I’m just going to tell you that this is the class for everyone who’s ever sent me an email saying they wish I could come to their house and show them how to make a quilt. 🙂

I go over everything – how I choose fabrics, how I cut my background blocks, how I quilt them before appliqué using Quilt As You Go, how I use fusible and cut and layer the pieces, how I assemble the blocks, back the quilt, final quilting and binding. It’s EVERYTHING! And I even share a bunch of smaller projects using the same patterns – for those who don’t want to make a whole quilt. I can’t believe how much info is in this class – all with top-notch lighting and camera work. And me wearing make-up. 🙂

And, of course, you can ask questions along the way. The Craftsy platform even lets me see where in the video you were when you asked the question so I can really answer it well.

Update – Please be aware that Craftsy (now Bluprint) has added a subscription plan to their offerings, which changes the way instructor support happens. If you buy the class for your Forever Library, you get instructor support – which means your questions are dropped into a special instructor dashboard where I’ll see them, so I can answer them. If you watch the class as part of the streaming subscription, any questions you post go to the larger class community – not to me. I don’t even see them, so I can’t answer them.

I’m so excited!

I’ll be on vacation all next week, but every day that I’m gone I’ll be sharing a new sneak peek at a little bit of the project!

And when I come back on Monday 8/3 I’ll be announcing the winner of this giveaway.

(Did I forget to mention the giveaway?)

Yes – there’s a giveaway! One person will win free access to the class as soon as it launches. That could be you!

The giveaway closes on Sunday 8/2, so enter now. 🙂

The giveaway is closed now, but you can still sign up for the class here.

You can also get the PDF pattern here.

Happy quilting!

That's me at Craftsy!


  1. Cheryl SAYS...

    TOO cute!

  2. Deborah Keep SAYS...

    I would be truly delighted to win your Crafty class…….if I don’t it will be added to my wish list

    • I’ll have a 50% off code for everyone who doesn’t win. 🙂

  3. Cherie SAYS...

    Your class sounds great!!

  4. Jaden SAYS...

    Thank you so much for the chance to win your class, Wendi.

    I enjoy your website and newsletter so much, I can’t wait to see your class! ^__^

  5. Jean SAYS...

    It does sound like your class will cover a lot! I think it is so great that these days we can take classes online, when we are able. Live classes are wonderful, but so often the ones we want aren’t in our area, or the timing is wrong. This is also easier on the teacher:-) For myself, I like to be able to refer back to videos and be sure I understood the directions correctly.

    • That’s exactly what I love about online classes too! It’s so great to be able to go back and refer to the video again (almost like popping into the class again) and I love being able to take it on my own time. I especially love being able to keep going when I’m really on a roll instead of having to wait for the next class session. 🙂

  6. Wonderful stuff Wendy!