New Quilting Supplies in the Shop

12 wt. Thread for Quilting and Embroidery

Some time ago I wrote a post about playing with thread weight, showing how you can get a thicker line with your quilting. You can read that here.

I’ve heard from a lot of you that you’re having a hard time finding thread of that weight in your local quilt and fabric stores. That’s a good signal to me to add it to the shop!

So now you can get the 12 wt. thread I use here.

I use this thread for machine quilting when I want a thicker line, like on the face and whiskers of this cat.

Maurice - cat applique pattern from Shiny Happy World

I also use this weight for big stitch quilting. Right now I only carry black, but if there’s interest I’ll start stocking other colors.

Finally, I recently experimented with machine stitching the faces on the Dress Up Bunch dolls and I was very pleased with the results.

Mollie's face is all machine stitched! Just a simple straight stitch - nothing requiring a fancy machine.

Just trace the nose and mouth from the pattern and stitch right over the line with a simple straight stitch and this heavy thread. Easy peasy!

You do need to use a special needle in the machine – I’ve found that a size 90 topstitching needle works best.

You can get the thread here.

You can get the needles here.

Happy stitching!

That's me!