Just Another Crazy Photo Set-Up

Just another crazy photo set-up at Shiny Happy World

Another day – another crazy photo set-up here at Shiny Happy World.

This one is more cobbled-together than usual, so I thought I’d share some details.

Annotated photo set-up at Shiny Happy World

a – That’s my regular tripod set up at full height on top of my main cutting/work table.

b – That’s a neat antique square yardstick clamped to my tripod. (It was an insurance company giveaway and it is NOT accurate. I keep it around because I like how it looks and it’s super useful for things like this.)

c – That’s my gorilla tripod wrapped around the end of the yardstick – with my video camera screwed into it and looking straight down. It’s just kind of dangling there, so I had to wait for it to stop swaying every time I moved this whole contraption.

d – That’s one of my childhood stuffed animals – a very heavy lion – working as a counterweight because without it the whole thing was tipping over.

e – That’s the project I was recording. It’s one of the BIG applique projects for the Think BIG! giant applique class coming soon. 🙂

Want to see my normal photography set-up? I show all the details here.

Wendi Gratz from Shiny Happy World




  1. That’s a lot of work you go through to make pretty pictures for us. I do need to use my tripod more,

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