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Two New Fabric Bundles – Beautiful Blues and Pretty Pinks

Beautiful Blues - coordinated fabric bundle from Shiny Happy World

There are two new fabric bundles in the shop!

The beautiful blues you see above, and these pretty pinks.

Pretty Pinks - coordinated fabric bundle from Shiny Happy World

I’ve had a lot of requests over the years for some coordinated monochromatic bundles, and now that I have a little more storage space I’m giving them a try!

I figure if blue and pink don’t sell, nothing will. 🙂

These bundles are a little unusual.

You get a stack of 2/3 yard cuts.

Why 2/3 yard? That’s a REALLY weird size.

But it works great for Shiny Happy World patterns. My applique quilts are all built on blocks cut 11 inches square – so 2/3 yard cuts are a great amount to buy so you end up with very little waste.

Each bundle contains enough fabric for your background blocks, your binding, and all your appliques. You’ll have some scraps left, but it won’t be enough for the backing so buy that fabric separately.

(I recommend this cuddle fleece. It’s what I use for all my quilt backs.)

If you’re making up one of my quilt patterns I recommend cutting the background blocks first. That gets you the biggest pieces out of the way while the fabric is still whole.

Next cut your binding strips. The pattern will tell you how many you need.

Finally, cut all your applique pieces out of what’s left. 🙂

These are really versatile bundles with a mix of solids and prints in a range from light to dark. Here’s a quilt made just with the Beautiful Blues.

Elephant Parade - an easy applique quilt pattern from Shiny Happy World

Get the Beautiful Blues bundle here.

Get the Pretty Pinks bundle here.

Happy stitching!




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