A Rainbow in Progress

make a Rainbow - fun rainbow projects from Shiny Happy World

Every year right around St. Patrick’s Day the creative world starts posting rainbows.

So many rainbows!

Rainbow cookies, rainbow quilts, rainbow crafts – and my favorite – groups of things made in rainbow colors.

I love rainbows!

I have a Pinterest board of rainbows!

But somehow I’m never on the ball enough to make a new rainbow for St. Patrick’s Day.

I’ve made rainbows before.

I love this rainbow scrap quilt I made for the Dress Up Bunch dolls.

Bedtime pattern set - pajamas, pillow, pillowcase and quilt

And this people-sized quilt I made for a Craft Hope donation. (That link goes to a free how-to.)

How to Make a Charity Quilt - an easy and fun tutorial from Shiny Happy World

You can go small with quilted rainbows too.

I love this rainbow chevron pillow I made when I reviewed the book Quilting Happiness. (That pillow lives on my couch right now.)


And this pillow is one of my favorite projects from the Big Stitches and Patchy Patchwork class.

Rainbow log cabin pillow from the class Big Stitches and Patchy Patchwork

I have a couple of rainbow embroidery patterns. I love the rain in this free Raining Rainbows pattern. . .

Raining Rainbows - free embroidery pattern from Shiny Happy World

And the Rainbow Girls always make me smile.

Rainbow Girls embroidery pattern

These coasters (there’s a free pattern here) were so much fun to make. Rainbows AND polkadots! What could be better?

Big Stitch Polkadot Coasters - a free pattern from Shiny Happy World

And Roy is my favorite of all of Stacey’s monsters.

Roy the Rainbow Monster - a fun crochet amigurumi pattern from FreshStitches and Shiny Happy World

But groups of the same thing made in a rainbow of color are my favorite – and I’ve only done that once.

Mischief of Mice - an easy sewing pattern from Shiny Happy World

It was so much fun making all these little guys for the Mischief of Mice cover!

So – I need to do it again.

I even put it right at the top of my list for the month. 🙂

I’m not done yet – but here’s a little peek. Picking colors is always fun. . .

Rainbow WIP 3-5 from Shiny Happy World

Safety eyes look so creepy from the inside. . .

Safety eyes always look creepy from the inside

This is looking much better, no?

Purple bear in progress - a rainbow project from Shiny Happy World

I’m working on a whole rainbow of these little cuties. (It’s the Freddie Bear pattern – very easy and fun.) And I’ll be finished before St. Patrick’s Day! 🙂

If you decide to make a rainbow too – please post it in the Shiny Happy People group or tag it in social media with #shinyhappyworld! I can’t wait to see!

Happy stitching!




  1. Susan Williams SAYS...

    I relate to your to-do list! The comfortable wardrobe addition and the less-lettuce salads especially! Please share recipes if you find nd them. Have non-lettuce eating husband!