Mix & Match Monsters Quilt Pattern

Three years ago I made a video class with Craftsy that included this Mix & Match Monsters quilt pattern.

Now that pattern is available in the Shiny Happy World shop as a PDF!

The pattern doesn’t include the highly-produced Craftsy/Bluprint videos – but it does have links to my own handmade video tutorials teaching you everything you need to know to make your own awesomely original monster quilt. 🙂

What else do you get?

The templates for SO MANY MONSTER PARTS! Seriously – there are 24 pages jam-packed with templates for bodies, eyes, mouths, fins, feathers, hands, tentacles, antennae, stripes, spots and more – all sized to work together. You can make a kajillion monsters and never have a repeat.

(Ok – I know kajillion isn’t a real number, but I’ve made over 100 different monsters and I’m nowhere near running out of possible combinations.)

Want to see how it works? Here’s a little video I put together walking you through some sample blocks.

See how much fun it is and how creative you get to be?

If you’re feeling a little confused about the difference between the Scary Squares Monster pattern and the Mix & Match Monsters pattern, I’ve got a post here laying out the difference.

Get the Mix & Match Monsters pattern here. I can’t wait to see what you make!

Happy stitching!