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Speckled Rainbow Fabric

When I find the perfect fabric for one of my quilt patterns, I like to add it to the shop.

This is the perfect fabric for making the Polaroid quilt! (There’s a free tutorial here.)

Take a look at this small Polaroid quilt. I used the same speckly red fabric for the background behind all the Polaroids. That way it looks like the “photos” are all scattered over the same surface.


For that effect to really work, I needed to find a fabric that had a random, scattered print. Stripes, a regular pattern, and anything directional were all out – they would make the seams between the blocks too visible. I also nixed the idea of using a solid, because the seams are fairly visible on a solid too. I wanted a small-scale overall print that would hide those seams most effectively. Garden Pindot is perfect!

I picked a rainbow of my favorite colors – one that would work best with a lot of the fabric bundles I use in my quilts and sell in my shop – and I’m selling them here by the half yard. I’m calling them Speckled Rainbow. 🙂

The listing tells you how much you’ll need for each size of Polaroid quilt. The fabric will also work well for basic background blocks in any of my applique patterns, so I included some fabric requirements info for that too.

Happy stitching!



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