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Meet Ginny Giraffe!

It’s the 15th! That means it’s New Pattern Day in the Funny Faces Quilt Block of the Month Club!

Meet Ginny! Doesn’t she have a sweet face?

She can also look a little goofy. Here’s she is with some glasses from the Fancy Doodads pattern added. 🙂

There’s already a giraffe block in the Safari quilt pattern – but it’s a double-high block, which makes it harder to work with on its own. Also – the giraffe in that quilt isn’t smiling. I wanted a smiling giraffe. 🙂

Here’s how to make her. . .

See how easy that is?

If you’re already in the club, you can access the clubhouse with this link. Grab the new pattern!

If you’re not in the club yet, you can use this link to join.

I can’t wait to see your sweet giraffes!

Happy stitching!


Try one of our newest quilt patterns! Get the Kevin Koala pattern here. Or join the Funny Faces Quilt Block of the Month Club to get a new block every month. 🙂



  1. Chinazor SAYS...

    This is all I need in this period of uncertainty…
    Thank you so much.

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