Zokling Kits

Want to make a couple of Zoklings? Now there are easy kits with everything you need but the rice!

Get your kits here.

And here’s all the info you need to put them all together! Choose printable instructions, video instructions, or a combination of the two. Choose whatever works best for you!

Download printable instructions here.

Small Zokling Kit Instructions
Medium Zokling Kit Instructions
Large Zokling Kit Instructions

Video Instructions

The PDF instructions have links to videos showing every step of making your Zoklings. You can watch each video as you get to those steps, or sit down right now and watch all of them in one run.

#1 Intro and How to Cut Up the Socks

#2 How to Position and Insert the Safety Eyes

#3 How to Add Hair to Your Zokling

#4 How to Fill Your Zokling with Rice

#5 How to Sew Up the Bottom of Your Zokling

#6 How to Sew a Great Horned Zokling

Happy Sewing!

That's me!