Any questions? Comments? Awesome projects you’ve made with my patterns that you’d like to share?

You’re in the right place! But you might not need to send me an email at all. Here are some common email topics and immediate help for you. . .

I didn’t receive the link to download my pattern

Did the email with your pattern links disappear? Or you didn’t receive it at all? Are you having trouble opening your PDF? I’ve posted the answers to these and other common questions in the FAQ. I answer emails as promptly as I can, but the FAQ is instant. 🙂 Find it here.

I have a question about my pattern

The best place for you to post questions about a pattern you’re working on is the Shiny Happy People group on Facebook. I check in there at least once every business day and answer any questions I see – but there are a couple of thousand other people there too – many of whom have a LOT of experience with Shiny Happy World patterns. There’s a good chance someone there will be able to answer your question faster than I can. 🙂

I just want to share a photo of my finished project

The Shiny Happy People group is also the best place for that. Why show it to just me? Show it to a bunch of other people who are also going to be super excited to see what you made. It’s always great – and really inspiring for everyone – to see what colors and fabrics other people choose.

Everything else

If you need help with something beyond these topics, just send me an email at

If you don’t get a response. . .

I sit down and reply to all of my emails once a day – usually before noon, but sometimes not until later in the day. If you haven’t received a response within two business days, it means something went wrong somewhere. Either I never received your email, or you never received my response. If that happens, the first thing you need to do is check your spam/trash/junk folder. That’s almost always where we find missing emails. If it’s not there – please email me again.