Let’s Make a Quilt

This is the main table of contents for ALL the quilting lessons and tutorials.

I know – it looks like a lot. (There’s a shorter, nutshell overview here.)

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Also remember that all Shiny Happy World patterns have links to all the tutorials you’ll need for that project – so every pattern is its own little workshop. You can work through the project, hitting all the lessons as you need them, and only refer to this table of content (or the search feature) if you’re looking for something extra.

Basic Tools

Sewing Machine


Rotary Cutting Tools


Other General Sewing Room Supplies

Choose Your Pattern

Choosing (or Designing) a Quilt Pattern

Quilt Size and Layout

Choose Your Quilt Size and Layout


Alternate or Broken Grids (Adding Half and Double Blocks)

Choose Your Fabric

Choosing Fabric and Colors

Working with Specialty Fabrics

Get and Prepare Your Supplies

Quilt Supplies

Cut and Quilt Your Blocks

Cutting Your Blocks

Quilting Your Blocks

Applique Your Blocks

Applique with Fusible Adhesive

Eyes and Other Tiny Bits

Extra Fun Applique Ideas

Other Applique Methods

Outline Your Applique

Outline Stitching

Trim and Assemble Your Quilt Blocks

Trimming Your Blocks

Assembling Your Blocks

Basting and Final Quilting

Layering, Basting and Machine Quilting

Big Stitch Quilting and Traditional Hand Quilting

Binding and Finishing Your Quilt

You’re Almost Done!

Using Applique Patterns to Make Things that Aren’t Quilts

Free Patterns that Don’t Need Resizing

Free Patterns that Need Simple Resizing

(Find resizing info here.)