Crochet Lessons and Tutorials

Here you’ll find all the free crochet lessons and tutorials. They’re arranged by subject so you can work your way through the lessons in a systematic way.

Please note – all of these tutorials are specifically about learning to crochet stuffed animals – no garments or blankets. It’s a great way to learn how to crochet! There’s a post here explaining why.

Remember – all Shiny Happy World patterns have links to all the tutorials you need right in the pattern. You can purchase any pattern and work through it like a workshop.

Tools and Supplies

Stitch Tutorials

The Basic Skills

The Pattern

The First Round

Round Two

How to Decrease

How to Stuff

How to Close Up the Opening

Attaching Parts

Faces and Details

Next Level Skills

Standing Legs

How to Change Colors

Different Sizes

Different Shapes


Terms and Sizes

Counting Stitches and Rounds

Holding Your Work

Too Tight

Too Small