Welcome to Illustration Station!

Welcome to Illustration Station!

It’s the newest destination at Shiny Happy World. Right now it’s a tiny little speck of a city, but it has big dreams and plans to grow!

I bought an iPad a few years ago and bought an inexpensive little app called Procreate. Almost overnight I went from being a person with a stack of very empty (very intimidating) sketchbooks, to a person who draws almost every day. Any you know what happens when you practice something every day? You get better at it!

I get a BUNCH of questions about how I draw on the tablet, and I’m finally starting to record some video tutorials, very much influenced by Ed Emberley’s approach to drawing.

On this page you’ll find a roadmap to everything about art and drawing.

Try Before You Buy

Watch this space for some digital rubber stamp sets and drawing aids coming soon!

Shop for Digital Drawing Products and Clip Art

Every single product (including the free ones) includes links to tutorials teaching every skill you’ll need to use it. That means every pattern is really a workshop! Jump in anywhere and pause to watch any tutorials you need as you go.

Shop for clip art sets here.

Stamp sets and drawing aids coming soon!

Learn Everything I Know

If you want a more systematic approach where you make sure you don’t miss a single available lesson, click here to go to the table of contents for all the drawing lessons.

Share Your Creations!

We have a private Facebook group here called Shiny Happy People. It really is the nicest bunch of people you can imagine, and the group is a great pace to share photos of your finished projects, ask questions, and more.

Just Want to Buy Some Finished Art?

I hear you! Maybe you just want a print to hang on your wall!

Shop here for art prints – wither already printed or instant download print-it-yourself files.

Keep Traveling!

Curious about other destinations here at Shiny Happy World?

Happy drawing!