Welcome to Quiltopolis!

Welcome to Quiltopolis!

It’s pretty much the capital city of Shiny Happy World – with the bestselling patterns and the most popular tutorials.

I developed a special method for Quilt As You Go combined with applique with fusible adhesive to make your quilting as fun and creative as possible.

On this page you’ll find a roadmap to everything about quilting.

Try Before You Buy

Want to try my quilting methods before you buy a pattern? Click here to find a bunch of free single block patterns.

Shop for Patterns

All of my patterns (except the Paper Dolls quilt pattern) are designed on a 10-inch grid, making it easy to add and swap the blocks from any pattern to create your own unique quilts.

Every single pattern (including the free ones) include links to tutorials teaching every skill you’ll need to make that project. That means every pattern is really a workshop! Jump in anywhere and pause to watch any tutorials you need as you go.

Shop for multi-block quilt patterns here, and single block patterns here.

Learn Everything I Know

If you want a more systematic approach where you make sure you don’t miss a single available lesson, click here to go to the table of contents for all the quilting lessons.

Even if you’re pretty sure you know my method inside and out, that table of contents is worth a look. I have lots of fun extra techniques in there that you might not even know exist!

Share Your Creations!

We have a private Facebook group here called Shiny Happy People. It really is the nicest bunch of people you can imagine, and the group is a great pace to share photos of your finished projects, ask questions, and more.

Keep Traveling!

Curious about other destinations here at Shiny Happy World?

Happy stitching!