Video – Quilt As You Go #6 – How to Echo Quilt

Video - Quilt As You Go #6 - Echo QuiltingReady for video #6 in the Quilt As You Go tutorial series? This is one of many to show ideas for different quilting patterns and how I do them – removing the piece from the machine as few times as possible (which leaves me fewer thread tails to clean up).

This one is all about echo quilting.

Echo quilting is really fun and easy – just be sure you’re outlining a relatively simple shape. It also works great for pieced geometric quilts.

I like to vary the amount of space between my echo lines, but if you want perfectly even spacing, using the edge of your presser foot as a guide works great.

Here are a couple of blocks with echo quilting. Click on any of them for a larger image so you can see more detail.

Now that you’ve seen some samples, are you ready for the video?

See how easy?

This kind of quilting really puts the emphasis on your applique because it draws your eye right in to it.

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Happy quilting!




  1. cherylj220 SAYS...

    I just wanted to come here and say how much you helped me quilt my very first quilt with this video I found on youtube. I am learning slowly but surely by reading articles and watching videos on the internet and I thank you for your part in helping me.