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Free Pattern: Persephone slouchy beret

Free Slouchy Beret knitting pattern

This slouchy beret is deceptively simple to knit, and makes use of one color-changing yarn and one complimentary solid color to create a gorgeous design. In this sample, I used handspun yarn as the colorful yarn, but any number of commercial yarns would look wonderful, including: Noro Silk Garden, Crystal Palace’s Mochi Plus or Noro Kureyon.

For this pattern, you will need:

  • 100 yards of a variegated worsted weight yarn (I used handspun, but see suggestions above)
  • 100 yards of a complimenting solid color (I used Stonehedge Fiber Mill’s Shepherd’s Wool… super soft merino!)
  • size 5 (3.75mm) 16 inch circular needle
  • size 5 (3.75mm) double point needles for the top
  • a stitch marker
  • tapestry needle
  • a length of 1mm elastic (optional)

Persephone Slouchy Beret: the pattern
Gauge: 6 sts/in
MC: solid color
CC: variegated color

free slouchy beret pattern

With MC, CO 100 sts
Rounds 1-6: * k1, p1. Repeat from * until end of round.
Round 7: * k2, m1. Repeat from * until end of round.
Round 8: * k6, m1. Repeat from * until end of round. (175)
Rounds 9-10: With CC, knit in each st.
Rounds 11-12: With MC, knit in each st.
Repeat rounds 9-12 (essentially, knit while switching colors every two rounds) until piece measures 5.5″ from end of ribbing. This is approximately 50 rounds. Add more rounds for more ‘slouch’, fewer rounds for less.

Helpful Tip: twist the strands of yarn when you are switching colors (as when working intarsia). This will prevent a gap from forming between the color changes.

Now, begin your decreases
Decrease Round 1: * k2tog, k23. Repeat from * until end of round.
Round 2: * k2tog, k22. Repeat from * until end of round.
Round 3: * k2tog, k21. Repeat from * until end of round.
Continue in this pattern (one fewer knit stitch between decreases per round) until 7 sts remain.
Cut yarn, and thread tail through remaining sts and knot!

This brim is slightly loose. To assure a snug fit, run elastic through the brim, or use a smaller size needle when working the ribbing. Wear proudly!

I was inspired by the changing of the seasons in designing this hat. I love the variation in color across the beret, and it’s versatile enough to be used as a winter hat, or a stylish spring beret. Hence the name.

According to Greek myth, Persephone was abducted by Hades and (making a long story short) was tricked into spending 3 months of each year in the underworld. Her mother, goddess of fertility of the Earth, was so distraught at losing her daughter that nothing could blossom on Earth in her absence. Upon Persephone’s return, her mother delighted, and the Earth blossomed with new fruits and vegetation. (Get it? Winter and spring!)




  1. Very pretty. I’m considering making this with Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece for two reasons – I LOVE cotton and the 20% merino wool content makes everything warm and stretchy. One question – do you find that working this in the round, the stripes don’t line up? They look fine in the picture, but just wondered if you had any tips or comments in this regard. Thanks so much!

    I’m on Ravelry: “KnitFixation”


  2. Pauline SAYS...

    when making the persephone hat when do you use the circular needle and when the double pointed? I’m new to all of this. thanks, Pauline

    • You use circular needles for most of it, but will need double points for the top.

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