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How to Turn a Tube of Fabric Right Side Out – video

How to Turn a Tube of Fabric Right Side Out - video tutorial

If you need to turn a tube of fabric (especially a skinny one) right side out, it can be a real pain if you don’t have the right tools. There are a few options out there. I used to wrestle with a safety pin and yarn, and I’ve tried using hemostats – but I swear by my turning tubes. They’re inexpensive and they work like magic. Really! Just watch!

See how slick that is? They are the perfect tool. Want to order a set? You can find them here.

The most common time you’ll need to turn a tube of fabric is if you’re sewing clothing – especially anything with straps or bands or belts.

I usually use double-fold strips of fabric for tote bag handles – but a lot of other patterns will call for fabric tubes.

Once in a while I’ll use little tubes of fabric for 3D hair on a quilt – like this silly monster.

For each lock of hair I sewed a skinny tube, turned it right side out, and tied a little knot in the end before slipping it under the edge of the applique and stitching it down.

But I use fabric tubes most often for softies! Arms, legs, and tails are all just tubes of fabric.

Mischief of Mice - softie sewing pattern from Shiny Happy World

The tails on these mice are extra skinny tubes.

I love making softies with floppy arms and legs, like this Munch Monster.

Use stretchy knit fabric to make extra soft stuffed animals - tips and tricks from Shiny Happy World

Want to practice turning some tubes? These snakes are really fun to make.

finished snakes

And the pattern’s free! Get it here.

Happy sewing!


  1. I’ve seen several “how to turn a fabric tube right side out” tutorials with various gadgets, but yours seems by far the easiest and eye-opening! Thank you. I’ll definitely try them out.

  2. Hi, from Spain !!!
    What a great tool, it seems so easy to turn the tube right side out with it…! How can I get these tools? How much are they? Is the shipping expansive? maybe I can find it in Spain, do you know where?

    How many questions, I’m sorry!!!

  3. Hi Charo! It is a great tool – one I use all the time. I’m not sure about in Spain, but these are made by Dritz and are pretty easily available in most fabric stores here. There’s a link in the post to an online shop, but the shipping with probably cost more than the tools. I wonder if you could make a set? It’s really just a tube and a rounded stick. The link to buy has a good photo of all the pieces out of the package.

  4. Beverly Becker SAYS...

    Great tutorial! The video helped a lot. I looked at several instructions online on how to to tis and yours was by far the best!

  5. Cherie SAYS...

    Wow! What an awesome tool. I have used another tube turning tool. No matter how much I try, I can’t get it to work. So I am super excited about this gadget. Thank you for sharing and for your great tutorial.

    • I’m glad it was helpful! This tool is never-fail. I use it with kids all the time and it’s loads of fun.

  6. ck SAYS...

    This is the best tip/hint ever!! I use it constantly for turning…..not just for tubes but any shape that has a narrow opening. It is great and such a time saver!! thanks!


    I have another tool for doing the same thing but it never works well. what you showed looks amazingly easy , so thanks for sharing this tool.

  8. Barbara SAYS...

    Wow, this looks great, but out of stock. Where else can I get them?? Thanks.