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Oatmeal Bath Scrub – Heal Your Itchy Winter Skin

Soothe itchy skin with an easy oatmeal bath scrub
‘Tis the season for dry, itchy skin. For me, an oatmeal bath is the answer. You can just dump some oatmeal in the water, but I don’t really like to lay on the oatmeal bits, so I make these oatmeal bath scrubs. 🙂 They’re inexpensive and easy and very soothing.

First, for each scrubbie cut two 4 inch squares of fabric. I usually use super cheap cotton muslin – the cheapest I can find. Or use some really ugly cotton fabric out of your stash. (How does that stuff get in there?)

Soothe itchy skin with an easy oatmeal bath scrub

Sew the two pieces together around three sides. I use a 1/4 inch seam allowance, but it doesn’t really matter.

Fill each bag with 1/4 cup of old-fashioned oatmeal. Sew it together across the top.

Soothe itchy skin with an easy oatmeal bath scrub

Voila! You have a finished oatmeal bath scrub.

I usually make a bunch of these at one time – I can make about a dozen in 15 minutes. They’re terrific for any itchy skin issues. Toss one in the tub while it fills. Let the water pound down on it for a little while to mash out the oatmeal goodness. Once I get in the bath I also squeeze the bag every once in a while. Just having the stuff in the water is good, but it’s also great to rub the scrubbie directly on any itchy places. It helps sooth poison ivy, sunburn, dry skin, allergic reactions, and more. Last summer my daughter “forgot” that she was allergic to grass and repeatedly rolled down a freshly-mowed hill wearing a tank top and shorts. She was covered with itchy red welts, but one bath with an oatmeal scrubbie took care of it.

These oatmeal bath scrubs make terrific gifts too. Make a bunch for a friend when you’re making some for yourself. 🙂

Enjoy! And have a great week!

Applique Wendi (with fabulous hat)


  1. You are so smart! I say that all the time don’t I? Would work great in a shower too. Thanks Wendi!

    • Ooh – they would be good in the shower. I never even thought of that. Itchiness makes me want to soak. 🙂

  2. Are they reusable? Or are they just good for one soaking?

    • Good question! I just use them for one soaking and then toss them in my compost pile. You could use one for more than one soak, but I think you’d want to store it in the fridge in between.

  3. How cool! That solves the “I’m too lazy to spend the next hour or so scooping the oatmeal out of the tub” problem!

  4. Anonymous SAYS...

    I’ve never heard of an oatmeal bath. What a great idea! We always used baking soda for poison oak and such, but oatmeal sounds a lot more pleasant. 🙂 Thanks for the tutorial!

    -Holly in CA

  5. I’ve heard that some people throw the oatmeal in a food processor and chop it up into a powder so it basically dissolves into the water – but I like the scrubbies because you can rub them right on the itchy spots and that really helps. 🙂

  6. Sarah SAYS...

    This sounds like a great idea, I come from an “itchy” family, I might have to make up a pile of these as gifts.

  7. Pam SAYS...

    How do you think it would work to add a strip of Velcro at the top and refill them with oatmeal after rinsing them out?

    • wendigratz SAYS...

      It should work fine! And then you can justify using the pretty fabric. 🙂 Try one out and let us know.

  8. JulieCC SAYS...

    What type of oatmeal do you use – quick cook, uncooked traditional, or Irish???