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How to ply your Kool-Aid dyed yarn for an awesome look!

Ready to learn yet another cool technique you can do with Kool-Aid?

Today, I’m going to show you how to get great barber-pole yarn by plying already dyed yarn!

Remember how we dyed multi-color skeins? Now we’re going to go one step further! I learned this technique in Spin Off Magazine, and had to give it a try!


You’ll need:

The Process

We’re going to ply our already-dyed yarn together… and it results in a great effect!

Step 1: Start plying!

Pull one strand from the center and one from the outside of your ball:

This way, you’ll always have two strands of equal length!

And then, begin plying! I’m using my spindle…

That’s all!


This yarn is beautiful!

The advantage to this technique is that it obscures some of the ‘splotchy-ness’ that can happen with the simple multi-colored skein. Here’s how it looks in knitting and crochet:

Having fun?

I’ve been having a blast showing you new techniques for using Kool-Aid to dye yarn! I hope you’ve been enjoying it! Come back tomorrow to have a peek at some projects!




  1. I’m very surprised that not more people ply machine made yarn, it makes for a completely different yarn and texture. I love your spindle, the spiral is neat!