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Yarn Bombing + Free Crochet Flower Pattern!

Did you know that this week is World Wide Knit in Public week? To kick off the week, my LYS had a yarn-bombing event to decorate the parking meters and trees in front of the shop.

Want to know what makes a yarn-bombing party ROCK (besides kettle corn)? Adorable crocheted flowers! I’ll share some easy patterns for crocheted flowers with you… they’re so easy, even newbie crocheters were making their own!

Easy Crochet Flower

New to crocheting? Want to make a cute flower that’s easy to sew on to any project? This flower’s the one! Grab any yarn and an (approximately) appropriate sized hook, and you’re good to go!

Check out this video for a quickie lesson on Single Crochet.

When you’re done, fasten off and add the flower to whatever you’d like!

Dangling Crochet Flower

Want a flower that will hang from the trees? (A yarn-bombing essential) Modify your easy flower pattern just a little…

Then use the chain to attach/hang your flower as you please!

Deluxe Crochet Flower

Ready for a flower with a little more pizzaz? Give this two-layer flower a try!

We had a fabulous time knitting and crocheting and decorating our surroundings in celebration of World Wide Knit in Public Week!

The best part was releasing a whole bunch of new crocheters into the world..

With these easy flower patterns, you can be a crocheter, too!


  1. This is such an awesome project, I’m sure that you all brightened the day of many, especially those that you taught. Thanks for the little mini patterns, I’m going to have to try the second flower. Isn’t WWKIP awesome?

  2. Fatima Rosales Naya SAYS...

    I’d love to take part in a yard bombing. I must look into it in this area. Lovely flowers and nice to see young people doing it.

  3. This again convinces me I have to get off my butt, get a few knitters together and start bombing the city… there’s a paticularly awful sculpture praising farming live that begs to be outfitted with hornwarmers for the cow and dainty bows for the pitchfork wielded by a lantern-jawed farmer 🙂