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Quick & Easy Shortcut for the Cow’s Tail!

A little update

Hey, everyone! Yesterday was moving day for me… and everything went smoothly! Yay!

It took a tad longer than usual to get our internet installed this morning (our new apartment seems to have some electrical trouble… eep!), so that’s why this post is a bit late! Thank you so much to everyone who wished me luck on our move… it worked!

Working on the cow’s tail

So, how about some helpful tips for crocheting the tail for Jackie the Cow (this month’s crochet-a-long)?

The instructions will tell you to cut 4 pieces of yarn a few inches long… but here’s a little secret: the actual length isn’t that important! You’re making the fluffy bit that will be at the end of the tail, so the length in the pattern is just a suggestion. Feel free to make yours as long as you’d like!

I like to use my hand as a guide… that way there’s no measuring required:

After I’ve wrapped a length of yarn around my hand a few times, I just cut straight next to my index finger, and I magically have equal yarn lengths!

Now, are you ready for my second trick? It’s actually more of an alternative way… but helpful to know!

The pattern includes instructions for how to crochet your tail directly onto the body of the cow. That’s a great way to do it… but if you’re like me, you like to crochet your pieces on the go (or maybe your cow body is still packed in a box somewhere). In that case, it’s easier to crochet your tail separately and attach it later. Here’s how!

Take a double strand of yarn, and make a slipknot, leaving about 3″ of tails:

Now, crochet the specified number of chains. When you’re done, insert your fluff into the loop:

Tie the ends (to secure your fluff), and you have a fabulous tail that can be attached at your leisure!


  1. DeeAnna SAYS...

    Stacey, I’m so glad to hear that your move went well…but sorry to hear you’re having electrical issues in the new place. Hopefully they get it fixed in a jiffy for ya. 😀 Thanks for all the great tutorials and podcasts! I’m still keeping up and enjoying all that you do for crocheters, knitters, and crafters. Hearts & Hugs! ~DeeAnna