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Bead Crochet, part 2

Continuing to Practice Bead Crochet

Remember a couple weeks ago when I learned bead crochet? I was instantly hooked… so I’ve kept at it!

Last time, I made a very small piece, but not a full piece of jewelry. This week, I stepped up to a bracelet project from Bead Crochet Jewelry… and I’m very proud!

It’s in fabulous summer colors… and let me tell you, I’m hooked!

Lessons and Future Plans

I love my bracelet, but having a ‘bangle’ without a clasp is a little tricky: it needs to be large enough to fit over your hand, but then it seems quite large on the wrist. This means that it sorta gets in the way while wearing it… since I’m the type who moves around a lot!

My future plans are:

  • A bracelet with a clasp
  • A lariat (a necklace that’s just a long rope that you fasten by tying)

It’s so much fun… I didn’t think I’d take to it like a duck to water! I highly recommend Bead Crochet Jewelry… the great explanations are what made it so easy for me to get hooked!

Have a fabulous crafting weekend… do tell me what you’re up to!


  1. Amy Kittel SAYS...

    Going to a bead class next weekend, a bunch of us from our local crochet guild. Been planning this since May! I’m excited!

  2. Jeanette SAYS...

    I ordered the book last week, after reading your first post, am eagerly awaiting its arrival. Your bracelet is beautiful! You have such a nice eye for colors!

  3. Rae Haller SAYS...

    Stacey, this bracelet is great. I love the colors. Makes me think of my Mom, she hated blues and greens and I loved them, and it was a running joke with us. I know I would be hooked if I tried bead crocheting. I just know it, and that is why I have not tried it. I am a very easily addicted craft person. When I am knitting, I buy yarns I do not need yet, and when I did paper crafting, both for albums, and Cards, I went wild and had to have every new gadget that came out, and son’t get me started on the stamps I have. So,now I do not do those much anymore, except to make a card when needed, and I have ooooodles taking up space in my condo. I retired due to disability, so getting these packed up to sell, or give away is not something my body will allow. I still do yarn crafts, and love crochet, so all the yarns are fine, and of course, I have to have new ones too. But getting these other things out of my house needs to happen. So…. If I started to bead crochet, I would have to buy, buy, buy, all sorts of beads, etc. One good thing about them though is they are small, so would not take up much space, sort of like the quilling I have. But I love what you are doing. Keep up the good work, can not wait to see your next item.

  4. love this! for sure something i want to try one of these days. might have to wait until little miss is a little older though because i think this is the type of craft she’ll want to get her hands on 🙂

    • @Meredith: Yes, it’s certainly a sparkly and attractive project for little ones that could lead to a GIANT mess! I even make a mess dropping beads everywhere… and I’m a grown-up 🙂

  5. Kate M SAYS...

    Love the finished piece. I got this book recently and I am waiting for some thread to come in the mail so that I can start my first project too! Would love to hear how you add a clasp to this because I don’t think that I saw that in the book. It might be in there, I didn’t do much reading yet I keep getting distracted by the beautiful finished projects!

    • @Kate Giggle… I hadn’t planned that far in advance (about how to add the clasp)! But on page 67, there’s a convertible brooch/necklace project, and that one piece has a clasp on it… so I think I’ll poke around on those pages for tips on clasp-adding and then use that on my bracelet. That’s my plan, anyway 🙂

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