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House of Wool, Blackheath, NSW, Australia

House of Wool, Blackheath NSW Australia wool shop

I love traveling, and I love visiting yarn shops. It’s probably no surprise to you that I like to do both things at the same time!

I was delighted to hear about a new yarn shop, House of Wool, opening in rural New South Wales, Australia… which was directly on the road to my trip out to the country! Yippee!

House of Wool Yarn store Blue Mountains Australia

House of Wool is in Blackheath, a popular (and adorable) town in the Blue Mountains. It’s an area known for beautiful scenery… but it’s worth stopping in the towns to have a look at the shops, too!

house of wool yarn store in the blue mountains

The store just opened a few months ago, but it’s already obvious that it’s a fabulous place to be for yarn-lovers. It’s full of beautiful yarns (with a strong focus on local & eco-friendly yarns), has a full roster of classes available and sports a lovely interior.

Blackheath is about 2 hours outside of Sydney (you might also want to check out my guide to yarn stores in Sydney), and the scenery is worth the drive if you have time. It’s close to the famous ‘three sisters’ rock formation:

Three sisters blue mountains

Pretty, huh?

So, if you’re driving by (or scheming for a road-trip from Sydney), check out the House of Wool!

Are you looking for some fun yarn stores near you? Then check out my blog post on how to find yarn when you travel, and find some in your area!


  1. Rae SAYS...

    Looks like a great store. Did you buy any yarn?

    • @Rae- I didn’t buy any, I have quite a bit of yarn to keep me going!

  2. Hi Stacey
    Thanks for sharing, this is a great find and I will be sure to visit the House of Wool next time I go to the Blue Mountains!

    I too love amigurumi and have been making them for a few years now. Although I discovered your creations last year through Craftsy and even gifted your classes to my teenage niece, I only recently started following your blog and what a nice surprise to hear that you visit Australia periodically!

    Not sure if you have come across these two shops/ studios located around Sydney I recently found but thought you might be interested if you hadn’t. Virginia Farm Wool Works in Annangrove, a suburb of Sydney ( and Wooldancer in the Blue Mountains (

    Sounds like you are enjoying Sydney, have a fun rest of your time here and safe travels!


    • @Amanda- Thanks so much for the links! I’ll have a peek 🙂