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My Favorite Source for Faux Fur

Finding good quality and interesting faux fur can be tricky. None of the big box stores carry anything really fun, and it can be hard to shop online because you really want to touch the stuff. Plus a lot of online shops make you buy a minimum of 1 yard. That’s a LOT of fur – especially since it’s usually 60 inches wide – and can get expensive quickly.

So today I’m sharing my favorite source for faux fur. It’s called Luxury Faux Fur and it’s an Etsy shop.

Update – That shop has closed – but this one seems to carry a lot of the same furs.

Here’s what I like about them. . .

The prices are good. Better than any others I’ve found.

They sell 1/2 and 1/3 yard cuts. And they’re not cut the long way! This is HUGE. A long 1/3 yard cut would be 12 inches tall and 60 inches wide – not very practical. A 1/3 yard cut from Luxury Faux Fur would typically be 20 inches wide and 36 inches tall. That’s a much more usable cut – very nice!

The quality of everything I’ve bought from them has been great. My favorite has to be the Mongolian Shag. It has a nice shaggy 3 inch pile and comes in great colors, like this hot pink.

The frosted grey Mongolian shag is what you see me using in this video showing the basics of working with faux fur. I love it!

Jo really likes the sparkle shags – like this yellow one. The pile is longer (4 inches) and more fluffy than shaggy, with metallic mylar-ish threads scattered through it.

And, of course, we both love the spiky furs like the one at the top of this post. How awesome is that? I can’t wait to show you the monster I’m making with it.

They have plenty of natural colors too – I’m just always drawn to the fun ones in crazy colors. 🙂

Happy stitching!





  1. Strix SAYS...

    This Etsy shop seems to be closed — did it move?
    Any other recommendations?

    • Eek! Their closing is news to me. I did a quick search online but I can’t find them anywhere else. They must have closed completely. 🙁

  2. Lourdes SAYS...

    Any other suggestions on where to get faux fur. I need to repair my daughter’s hair. The doll is 28 years old, and has held up to many baths in the washing machine except for the hair. I would love to give her to my 2 year old grand daughter for Christmas.