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It’s a Scrap-a-long… join us!

I’m so excited about this month’s Crochet-a-long!

The more you knit/crochet, the more you wind up with little leftover bits of yarn. It would be a pity to throw them away, but what do you do with them?


That’s why we’re having a scrap-a-long!

Go ahead… make any FreshStitches Patternbut you have to crochet it using scraps!

rainbow cow

Join the CAL!

Joining in the CAL is easy! You’ll need to pick your pattern, gather your scraps and follow this tag to get all of the helpful crochet/amigurumi tips that will guide you along the way!

Are you in?

It’s going to be a blast… and I really hope you join us! Go ahead and leave me a comment… and tell me about your scrap-a-long plans! Which pattern will you do?



  1. i’m in! i look forward to your joining tutorials… i have some lion brand baby wool scraps left over so i am going to try to put together a ball of them all. now i just need to figure out a pattern… maybe a snail with a colorful shell (i still have A LOT of yellow for snail bodies after my crazy duck order last year). OR this might be a good opportunity to pick up one of the new patterns on my wish list… hmmm. decisions 😉

  2. Gigi Lee SAYS...

    I would like to join in, I follow you and appreciate your creativity and the finished projects, but I cannot afford to buy a pattern right now. Do you offer free patterns? Thanks.

    • Justine SAYS...

      Yes some of the patterns are free. I’m making Mixtro the monster and My Own Planet, both free. I like the idea of using scrap yarn on a free pattern so no cash outlay whatsoever!

  3. yennygb SAYS...

    great I will practice the Russian join and I will join the cal, yeii

  4. Catherine SAYS...

    I think it could be a horse or a cow. I first have to make my magic ball. Then i will see … 🙂

  5. Ooh! I have a big ol drawer of worsted-weight yarn scraps. So excited to find a use for them!

  6. Heather SAYS...

    I ordered a magic ball (cause Im TOO good about using my scraps!) now I just have to figure out which pattern Im going to make! 🙂 My mom got me Crochet Softies for my birthday but I havent gotten it yet, so I’ll have to go through the patterns of yours I already have and see!

  7. Gigi Lee SAYS...

    Thank you, I’m going to give Howie the penquin a try. Is it too late to join?

    • Not too late at all! Come on in!

  8. Margaret SAYS...

    I am absolutely in for real.

  9. Shelia Rose SAYS...

    Count me in!! Gonna work on my ball and think about which pattern. Knowing me, I’ll pick a pattern but won’t make it exactly right and create a new toy!! Hope my granddaughter (age 3) loves our new toy!!

  10. Lucia SAYS...

    took me a little longer then it should have, but I had enough of this odd off colored Bamboo yarn to make a owl if you count yardage. So I’m gonna mix it up and do a rainbow owl. Something miss match but at least it should use up the scraps of this Felty, Flecy odd ended bag of balls XD

  11. I just discovered your site. I love scraps and make things with them all the time. If there is time, or time for a new project, I would love to tag along?

    Also, I am trying to get my website seen more. Want to trade blogs?

    Thanks for the response in advance. I love connecting with other crafters!

    • Hi Sandra-
      I’m so happy to hear that you love scraps! You can feel free to use scraps in any of our crochet-a-longs!

  12. There are many creative ways to use scraps. I have seen gloves, doll socks, cup warmer, and so on. The ideas are just endless. Even warm caps for the homeless would be a good idea.