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Suggestions for skin color yarns!

It can be hard to find a nice skin-tone yarn. So, I’ve compiled a few suggestions for you!

sskin color yarn suggestions

Keep in mind that it’s going to be hard to find a yarn that’s exactly like a skin tone… remember you’re crocheting a toy, not painting an exact likeness! Keep your mind open, and you’ll find a yarn that’s at least close!

Doll Day is tomorrow!

Don’t forget, tomorrow is the release day for my new, super-exciting doll patterns! I think you’ll love them!

And… now I know you’ll be able to pick the perfect color for your doll!



  1. Brooke Kaminski SAYS...

    i would pick caron simply soft, bone for the first one
    cascade 220 amber for the second and caron simply soft, nutmeg for the third doll

  2. I woke up today excited for the doll pattern BUT remembered that I live in the future (in Australia) and had to wait just a little bit longer. I’m super excited!! I’ve been wanting to make dolls for ages but couldn’t find a pattern I liked. Your patterns are so easy to follow and work out great so I bet your doll pattern is going to be awesome!!

    • Giggle… yes, that’s one thing about living in Australia ๐Ÿ™‚ The upside is that you get extra time if you forget someone’s birthday (who lives in the US)!

  3. Cathy SAYS...

    I have heard that Plymouth yarns has an Encore yarn color called pale peach that is very good for “caucasian” skinned yarn dolls. I haven’t tried it myself but just thought I would pass it along.

    • Thanks for passing that along, Cathy!

    • Dianne SAYS...

      Caron Simply Soft yarn makes a LT COUNTRY PEACH that is a great skin color.

  4. Linda SAYS...

    Chart is very useful. Thank you

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  6. Kate SAYS...

    Thanks for this – I love to make dolls and finding skin tones has always been a challenge. Patons Canadiana used to have a fawn color perfect for caucasian dolls and a dark peach that was great for POC, but both have been discontinued, so I keep trying to find similar colors.

    Both had a warmth that I find lacking in most beiges and browns.

  7. Chey SAYS...

    What color yarn do you use for Mickey mouses face. Crocheting a graphghan