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What else can you do with a unicorn pattern?

Wjat else can you o with a unicorn pattern? Show & Tell from FreshStitches and Shiny Happy World

When I published Flavia the Unicorn, I thought I was being quite clever in suggesting you could use the same pattern to make both a unicorn and a horse!

adorable crochet unicorn with rainbow mane
amigurumi crochet horse

And then you guys got your creative juices flowing…

But my ideas are nothing compared to what happened when you guys got your hands on the pattern!

Horses and unicorns are child’s play! You started making donkeys and zebras!

Chloe made an adorable donkey:

crochet donkey using horse pattern

And Nikki used the same pattern to crochet a zebra:

crochet zebra from a horse pattern

So creative!

I’ll bet that if you crochet this guy in pink, and leave off the hair, you’ll have pig!

What else can you think of doing with this pattern?





  1. Joan SAYS...

    Unicorn + Horse = creative fun, your patterns are super unique and cute. May you have a super good weekend with your classes and craft publishing speaking.

  2. Brooke Kaminski SAYS...

    I think the animals that have come from this pattern are awesome… sooo cute especially the donkey 🙂