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How to make a stuffed animal from a recycled sweater

This week, I sewed an adorable stuffed animal using a recycled sweater! It’s not hard, I’ll show you how!

Gather your materials

You’ll need:

  • A sewing pattern (I’m using Abby Glassenberg’s Pete, free pattern!)
  • An old sweater that’s mostly wool
  • Any other odds & ends the pattern calls for (in my case, craft eyes, thread, stuffing and felt)
  • A standard sewing toolkit (scissors, sewing needle, etc)
  • Fusible interfacing & an iron (optional)

I’ll confess: I don’t like using a sewing machine. It’s loud and takes effort to set up. So, I sewed my Pete entirely by hand and loved it! You can’t use not having a machine as an excuse to skip sewing a cutie!

bear sewn with a recycled sweater

Felt your sweater

You’ll notice that I said that you’ll need a ‘mostly wool sweater’. This is because you’ll want to felt your sweater before cutting it up (or else it will unravel). A cotton or acrylic sweater just won’t felt.

Read this blog post for details on how to felt, but it’s not hard: you basically throw your sweater in the washing machine!

Once you’ve felted the sweater, cut the seams so that you have flat pieces of fabric to work with.

Decide if interfacing is right for you

If you felt your sweater, and it comes out feeling like felt you would buy in the store (pretty stiff and non-stretchy), then you don’t need interfacing.

The sweater I used was a wool blend, so it didn’t felt to be completely stiff. This meant that it was very stretchy (it’s a knit, after all!) and I wasn’t confident the ends wouldn’t fray. So, I used fusible interfacing.

Fusible interfacing

To use the interfacing, follow the instructions on the interfacing to fuse it to your sweater fabric. I fused the interfacing before cutting my pattern pieces, because doing so makes cutting easier.

Cut and sew!

Regardless of whether or not you used interfacing, cut your pattern pieces, and you’re ready to sew as instructed!

pattern pieces with recycled sweater

Isn’t this guy adorable?

teddy bear sewn from a recycled sweater

This technique will work with any stuffed animal pattern that calls for fleece or felt as the fabric… which is most patterns! Go ahead and give it a try!

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  1. Your little red friend is very cute! I love items made of recycled sweaters. Have a nice weekend. Regula