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How to sew on a button

doll crochet a long

Sewing on a button is a super-cute (and easy) decoration that you can add to your doll.

button sewn on crochet bootie

Check out this adorable button on Mia‘s shoe!
Attaching a button isn’t hard!

Types of buttons

Buttons come in all different shapes and sizes…

types of buttons

You can even find shaped buttons (like a little duck or fruits)! Use your imagination about which button would make your doll shine!

Start your thread

I begin by attaching my thread to the button. If you’re unfamiliar with sewing, watch the video in my blanket stitch tutorial to see how to get started. Instead of sewing on felt eyes (as shown in the tutorial), you’re sewing on a button!

Sew a nice pattern

How you place your stitches depends on the type of button you have. Check out my suggested stitch patterns (shown in brown thread):

how to sew on a button

Once you’ve finished firmly attaching the button, tie a knot! Ta da!

Where will you add buttons?

They’d be cute on shoes, on dress straps or even as hem decorations! Go crazy!

Happy Father’s Day!

In the crafting world, moms get a lot of credit. They’re usually the ones to pass down the actual skill of sewing, crocheting or knitting.

I think, especially on Father’s Day, it’s important to reflect on the skills that fathers pass on to their children. Even though the men in my life didn’t teach me any craft skills, they instilled in me a do-it-yourself (and entrepreneurial) spirit, and passed on the value of quality workmanship.

Read my tribute (written last year) to the great guys I have!

And give your dad a hug!



  1. Michelle SAYS...

    laughing…that looks like a “four-hole” button to me, not three! thanks for the smile…

    • Ooops! That’s a pretty silly typo, huh?