How to Sew Easy, Removable Pillow Covers

Today, I’ll show you the super-easy pillow covers I made!

This isn’t a full step-by-step tutorial, but if you’re familiar with the basics of sewing, I think you’ll get the idea!

how to sew removeable pillow covers

I wanted pillow covers that were removable, but I didn’t want to put in a zipper or do buttonholes. So, I went for a super-easy ‘flap’ technique. The back is composed of overlapping flaps that allow you to take the pillow in and out, but still cover the pillow:

flaps on a pillow

The Basic Steps

I ordered my fabric from Spoonflower, a great place to get fabric from indie designers. I went with a Tour de France fabric in yellow & grey (a sport I love and colors that match our sofa!) and a coordinating ‘houses’ fabric from the same designer.

Tour de france pillow

Next, I cut out the fabric.

pillow template

The important thing is that you want to cut the back pieces to be bigger than just 1/2 of the height of your pillow… or else you won’t get any overlap.

Then, I sewed the pairs of flaps together:

step 2

Turning these inside out (to the right sides) gives you the nice, sewn edge at the opening of the flap.

Finally, I sew the front onto the (overlapping) flaps, lining up all of the raw edges:

final assembly

Presto! Pillows!

french pillow yellow grey

As you can tell, they’ve already been well-loved (that is, squished) by me and hubby!


  1. Nancy SAYS...

    Definitely easy-peasy!! Love your fabric choice, too. Is it cotton or a blend? Nice job, Stacey. 🙂

    • Hey Nancy-
      It’s a cotton/linen blend (I think!)… the fabric from spoonflower that’s made in a thickness for home decor

  2. Joan Gray SAYS...

    You make the best, most helpful tutorials. Thank you!

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