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Crochet Mike the Monster from Monsters University!


I love monsters. And I love crocheting monsters. So, when I found out that Disney was looking for bloggers to write tutorials for crafts based on Monsters University, I nearly fell out of my chair.

Monsters-University banner

My love for monsters must have poured through the computer screen… because here I am, sharing my super-awesome crochet tutorial with you!

This tutorial is celebrating the release of Monsters University (in a Blu-ray combo pack) tomorrow! Hooray!

How do you pick just one monster?

I’ll confess. It was really hard to pick a monster from Monsters University to turn into crochet-form. The movie is just so darn chock-full of adorable and creative monsters!

Characters from Monsters University

I was tempted by Squishy (the multi-eyed cutie with a knit sweater!) and Terry & Terry (the double-headed duo)… what great shapes!

But in the end… I had to go with familiar and loveable Mike.


You can crochet your own Mike!


To crochet Mike, you’ll need:

  • 2 colors of worsted weight yarn: green (250 yards) and white (15 yards)
  • Size H (5.0mm) crochet hook
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Polyester stuffing
  • Small amounts of felt: black, white, grey and blue
  • Craft glue (one that works for fabrics)

Once you have your supplies gathered, download now.

The pattern download will take you step-by-step through the stitches you’ll need to bring Mike to life… too many for just one blog post!

Crocheted fingers

One of the things I love about Monsters University is how lifelike the animation is… and I didn’t want to lose any of that detail in the crochet version. That’s why I made sure to give Mike separate fingers and toes!

It’s a little extra crocheting… but I hope you love the results!

Add the details…

Once you’ve finished crocheting the pieces, you’ll need to decide which expression you’re going to give to Mike… during the course of the movie, you’ll notice that he sports quite a few!


I decided to give Mike the wide grin (with retainer!) that’s featured on the cover of the DVD:

felt mouth

To make Mike’s mouth, use your pieces of felt and cut out the shapes you’ll need. First, cut a smile (or frown) from the black felt. Next, cut bumps (for teeth) from the white.

Here’s a trick: you don’t need to cut the teeth to fit the mouth perfectly. Just cut the top ridges for the teeth, then glue in place on the black mouth. Notice how, in my photo below, the white is hanging off the side of the black:

shaping a felt mouth

Once the glue dries, trim the excess white, and you’ll have a perfect mouth! A simple line of grey makes the retainer.

Since you’ve used yarn to make Mike, a craft glue will hold the smile in place:


Isn’t he so cute?

More accessory ideas

I’m a real sucker for the University-wear sported in the movie!


How cute would your crocheted Mike look with a knitted blue and white scarf? Or an MU pennant made from felt? Use your imagination!

You can also get super-creative and make multiple expressions… and attach them to Mike with use hook and loop tape! He’ll be a toy with many emotions!

Are you going to get crocheting?

I had so much fun watching Monsters University and crocheting a Mike… I see more monsters in my future.

I hope you absolutely love this free pattern download as much as I do!

Helpful Links

Be sure to share the cutie monster you crochet!

Disclosure: This is a compensated post from Disney and Blueprint Social. I received a copy of Monsters University. All opinions are my own. I received permission to create a pattern using the likeness of Mike.

Happy stitching!



  1. Justine SAYS...

    awesome! I didn’t love Monsters University as much as I loved Monsters Inc, but your Mike is very cool.

  2. Flavia SAYS...

    Aww, that’s so nice of you, Stacey! Thanks for sharing the pattern!

  3. What a fabulous opportunity! I’m so excited for you. 🙂

    And you did an awesome job of catching Mike’s likeness. 🙂

  4. Amy SAYS...

    ADORABLE!! I just saw a tutorial for making a Mike W. t-shirt (somewhere…must go find again). I may have to make a set of them for my kiddos!

  5. Patty SAYS...

    Thanks Stacey, he looks awesome!

  6. Wow this is so exciting for you! Mike looks amazing, thanks for the free pattern 😀

  7. How cool! I love Monsters Inc/University too, such cute monsters, and yours is awesome

  8. Andi Beebe SAYS...

    Thanks so much for sharing! A wee one spotted it over my shoulder & now I am completely obligated to make it. I told her to ask Santa, because it’s going to take me that long to get to it!

  9. Thanks for sharing the pattern!! He’s lovely.

  10. Debby B. SAYS...

    Stacey, YOU ROCK! I was with my grandsons tonight and the little one kept talk about Mike and how much he loved Monster U and esp. Mike. He went ON AND ON the whole time I was there. This pattern is the best yet. Thank you for sharing it for free. I really appreciate it.

  11. Elaine SAYS...

    thanks for the pattern. my nephew is autistic and he loves monsters inc. i made him a Mike W hat but I would love to make him this stuffed animal. Thank you so much.

  12. dawn SAYS...

    Cool. Can u make pattern for sully??pls!!xx

      • Sorry! My arrangement with Disney was a one-time thing! 🙂

  13. Sally SAYS...

    Congrats Stacey, awesome pattern, looks just like the real Mike lol & will make a fab gift for my nephew for Xmas thanx

  14. Connie SAYS...

    I Love love Love love Mike! Great Job!

  15. Thank you for this lovely well written pattern!

  16. Marelize SAYS...

    Thank you so much! Just one question – I am always weary of making something Disney – can I make this as a gift. and also – if I make it, may I sell the item?

    • I received permission from Disney to design this pattern… however, I would keep it on the safe side and not sell items made from the pattern.

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  18. Mike is beautiful! I would love a pattern for Sully if u can let me know. Thx Pam

  19. Anonymous SAYS...

    I can’t get this to download please advise

    • I’ve fixed the broken link. Please give it another try. 🙂

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