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Video – How to Needle Sculpt Softie Toes

Kissable bunny toes made with needle sculpting

Needle sculpting!

That’s how I made the cute kissable toes on that softie?

Do you think that’s probably really hard to do?

Not at all! Take a look at the video and see how easy it is. 🙂


You will need one specialized tool for needle sculpting – a long doll needle. You can find the ones I use here. That’s it! Now you just need some thread – and a softie that’s ready for sculpting.

Those adorable toes belong to Bertie Bunny.

Bertie Bunny - an adorable bunny pattern from Shiny Happy World

Happy sewing!



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  1. Fran Blazer SAYS...

    Wendy thank you for sharing that was so informative.
    Stay well and God Bless you and your family