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Video – Quilt As You Go #5 – Wavy Stripes

QAYG - How to Quilt Wavy Stripes - video

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Ready for video #5 in the Quilt As You Go tutorial series? This is one of many to show ideas for different quilting patterns and how I do them – removing the piece from the machine as few times as possible (which leaves me fewer thread tails to clean up).

This one is all about wavy stripes.

I love wavy stripes! They’re super easy to do and they add lots of life and movement to the background of a block. And they can vary a lot! They can be close together or far apart. Vertical or horizontal. They can intersect for a groovy checkerboard effect. They can overlap for a watery effect. Have fun with them!

Here are a few blocks quilted with wavy stripes. Click on any of them for a larger image so you can see more detail.

Now that you’ve seen some samples, are you ready for the video?

See? Doesn’t that look like fun? There’s still lots of anchoring and spinning – but that’s easy when you’re working on an individual block. And by creeping along the edge of the applique to get from stripe to stripe you’re saving a lot of backstitching, thread cutting and restarting – plus cleaning up lots of thread tails on the finished block. Whew!

Of course – it’s even easier if you do the quilting before the applique. Then you don’t have to stitch around anything at all! That’s actually how I do all my quilts, and there’s another video here showing that.

Find all the Quilt As You Go videos here.

Happy quilting!

Applique Wendi (with fabulous hat)


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