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Quilt As You Go #8 – How to Quilt Monster Teeth (video)

QAYG - video for teeth pattern from Shiny Happy World

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It’s the easiest, most fun way to make an applique quilt. You can do it!

It’s #8 in the Quilt As You Go series. In this video I show you how to quilt Monster Teeth – another fun and easy pattern.

You can make flat, plant-eating teeth or sharp, meat-eating teeth – and they can run vertically or horizontally. Take a look at these sample blocks. You can click on any of them to see them bigger for more detail – a must on the ones with the mottled batik backgrounds.

Now that you’ve seen some samples – here’s the video showing how.


See? Easy peasy. 🙂

As always – you can do this quilting before you do your applique – no matter what applique method you’re using. Fusible? Freezer paper? Needle-turn? It’s all good!

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Happy quilting!

That's me!


  1. Dawn SAYS...

    I am ridiculously excited for the bird quilt! Thank you so much for your QAYG series. It has inspired myself and my 11 year old. In fact, she is designing her own underwater quilt using this method. She will be doing 3 levels of the ocean as well as the beach and sky. Very ambitious and will likely result in tears on both our parts. However, your applique and QAYG method makes it all seem so attainable. Thank you!

    • wendigratz SAYS...

      Hopefully no tears! I’d love to see the quilt when it’s finished! 🙂

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