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Video – Quilt As You Go #7 – Blades

Quilt As You Go - Blades pattern - video from Shiny Happy World

Ready for video #7 in the Quilt As You Go tutorial series? This is one of many to show ideas for different quilting patterns and how I do them – removing the piece from the machine as few times as possible (which leaves me fewer thread tails to clean up).

This one is a pattern I call Blades. I think it looks like blades of grass – especially on the green background fabric you see in the image. 🙂

Blades is a good pattern for working around an existing applique image, and you can vary the look of it by using squared-off ends instead of pointy ones.

Here are a couple of blocks with Blades quilting. Click on any of them for a larger image so you can see more detail.

Now that you’ve seen some samples, here’s the video showing how.

See how easy? And see how nice this one is for working around existing applique images?

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Happy quilting!

That's me!