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Quilt As You Go #10 – How to Quilt Interlocking Boxes (video)

QAYG boxes - video tutorial from Shiny Happy World

We’re up to #10 in the Quilt As You Go series. In this video I show you how to quilt interlocking boxes. I love the mosaic-ish kind of look of this pattern!

It breaks out of the row formation we’ve seen in previous patterns, and that means it take a little more thinking as you go – but it’s not hard. Just give yourself permission to slow down or stop whenever you need to in order to plan your next step.

Take a look at this sample block. You can click on it to see it bigger for more detail.

Quilt As You Go #10 - How to Quilt Interlocking Boxes - a video tutorial from Shiny Happy World

Now that you’re seen a sample – here’s the video showing how.

See? Easy peasy. 🙂

As always – you can do this quilting before you do your applique – no matter what applique method you’re using. Fusible? Freezer paper? Needle-turn? It’s all good!

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Happy quilting!

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  2. Zena SAYS...

    Thanks for the quilting videos, Wendi. I’m working on my first one (a doll quilt for my daughter) and I’m about to do the binding. I watched your very helpful video on binding, but I wondered if it is possible to do the last step by machine instead of by hand? If not, why not? If so, do you have a video showing that? Thanks!

    • I’ve tried a few techniques that are all machine and I never like the fact that you can see the stitching from the front. I just really like the look of a super clean binding with no stitching showing. But that’s totally a matter of personal preference! I don’t have a video for any machine techniques since they’re not what I do, but if you google machine quilt binding you should be able to find several options. Just choose what you like the look of.