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Free Pattern from a Failed Tooth Fairy – Tooth Fairy Pillow

I’d like to have a few words with whoever invented the Tooth Fairy.


Let’s start a tradition where a child places a teeny, tiny tooth under their pillow and parents have to retrieve it in the middle of the night without waking the child.

This is madness.

The night after Jo lost her first tooth she caught me frantically scrabbling around under her pillow in the dark, looking for a tooth the size of an apple seed.

She (naturally) asked me what the heck I was doing.

“Ummmmm. . . nothing. Just checking to see if the tooth fairy came yet. I. . . ummmmm. . . couldn’t wait until morning.”

Which she bought, but only because it was her first tooth and she was six years old.

After that somebody gave her a tiny little tooth fairy box that hung from her bedpost. It was just the right size for holding a tooth, but the money still had to go under the pillow.

I kept thinking about making a tooth fairy pillow that would hold tooth and money, but I couldn’t figure out exactly what I wanted to do. By now she’s lost all of her baby teeth, but as soon as I saw this cute new fabric I knew right away that it would make a perfect tooth fairy pillow.

Luckily, you all give me an excuse a reason to keep designing things that Jo outgrew years ago. 🙂

Free Tooth Fairy Pillow Pattern from Shiny Happy World

The pocket is big enough for grown-up fingers to reach in and find a tiny tooth. It’ll hold paper money or fun coins (Jo got a dollar coin for every tooth). And being snug up against a plump pillow means teeth and coins won’t just fall out.

The pillow is also big enough that it won’t get lost in the mountain of stuffed animals that help our kids hide those lost teeth. 🙂

If you have an especially light sleeper, you can add that ribbon loop so you can hang the pillow from a bedpost or door handle. It’s easy and the pattern has instructions.

The best part of the project is that you can position the tiny pocket anywhere on the pillow you like. Make sure not to cover up your favorite bit! I especially like this little block showing how many teeth dogs and cats have. (Sorry – this fabric is discontinued now.)

Free Tooth Fairy Pillow Pattern from Shiny Happy World

Jo would have latched right on to fun facts like this! She also would have liked the grossness of the picture of tooth decay. 🙂

Ready to make your own?

Download the free tooth fairy pillow pattern here.

And I’d love to hear some tooth fairy stories from others! Surely (hopefully) I wasn’t the only abject failure out there?

Happy stitching!


  1. I always had my son put his tooth in a ziplock bag, and then he put the bag under his pillow. Much easier to grab! The tooth pillow is so much cuter, though! 🙂

  2. This so so cute! I am in love with this fabric. I still have a couple years (I think?) until my little one is ready for this but I pinned it for later as something to definitely make! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Sarah SAYS...

    Very cute! I love how your beginner level patterns have such clear instructions.

    I think this would be a great pattern to make with kids too – maybe teens who are babysitting – it would also be a great fundraiser or church bazar project.
    (When I was about 14 I had a big roster of regular babysitting clients, and decided to get the kids Christmas presents. I made play dough and packed it with mini cookie cutters, rolling pin, and a plastic knife – for less than $2 per gift)

    For tooth stories – I had aweful teeth, didn’t lose my first one until the end of grade 2, and it was the first of 14 baby teeth that the dentist had to extract over the next ten years.
    I think I got a quarter from the tooth fairy, and a mini doll as dentist consolation. (I didn’t run away or punch that dentist …. I waited until a few years later for that trick …)

    • My husband had a similar experience with his baby teeth and still has dentist issues. 🙁 This would be a great project to make with kids!

  4. This is so great, thanks for sharing! Now to find the fabric, I have grand kids that will love these 🙂

  5. Lynn SAYS...

    When my oldest granddaughter was young she drove her Mom crazy. First she wanted to save the tooth. Then on the spur of the moment she would put it under her pillow. After 3 or 4 nights of one or the other her Mom finally told her. The tooth fairy isn’t going to like it that she thinks you are trying to trick her! You tooth fairy hanger is really cute!

  6. Rebecca TheGreat SAYS...

    Love. This.

  7. Kelly SAYS...

    I would love this pattern but the link is broken. Will you send it to me?

    • The pattern is hosted on the Timeless Treasures site. I just checked and the link to their site from the post is working, and the link on their site to download the pattern is working. Hopefully it was just a temporary glitch when you tried.