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Tutorial: Crochet Rainbow Hat

I love rainbows! So, today, I’m going to show you how to add a fun rainbow detail to any hat pattern!

rainbow hat tutorial from FreshStitches

First, gather up some rainbow colored yarns, along with a neutral color:

rainbow yarns

This is a great opportunity to use scraps, as you won’t need a lot of each color!

It’s easy to add a rainbow!

I’m using the basic hat pattern from my Crochet Hats class on Craftsy, but you can follow these steps for almost any hat pattern! I find that hats made with simpler stitches (single or double crochet) are the ones that end up looking best with this type of colorwork.

Step 1: Find your multiple

The first thing you want to do is find a number that evenly divides the number of stitches in the main body of your hat. For example, if the body of your hat has 60 stitches, then both 4 and 6 are numbers that divide the stitches evenly!

Step 2: Crochet vertical stripes!

It’s easiest to crochet the increase section with your neutral color, and begin the rainbow when you have completed the increases.

Crocheting in the round, hat tutorial

For my hat, I used a 6 stitch repeat for my color changes. I crocheted 4 stitches of red, then 2 stitches of the neutral. Do this for a couple of rounds, then do 4 stitches of orange and 2 stitches of the neutral. Continue, making your rainbow!

rainbow hat tutorial from FreshStitches

If this is your first time crocheting vertical stripes, then this tutorial on stranding with two colors is for you!

Try it!

I hope this technique has given you some ideas… there are lots of possibilities!


  1. Katie SAYS...

    Love this! Thanks for sharing Stacey!