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Free Felt Matroyshka Pattern

Free Felt Matroyshka Pattern from Shiny Happy World

Make a simple ornament with this free felt matroyshka pattern, or use it to applique onto a phone case or anything else.

The links take you to a tutorial for any skill you’ll need.

What you’ll need. . .

  • wool felt (I used scraps of lavender, blue bayou, banana cream, fuchsia, Tahitian sunset and blushing bride)
  • embroidery thread (I used DMC #601, 726, 3846, 958, 3858 and 3371)
  • Sulky Sticky Fabri-solvy

You might also want. . .

  • Thread Magic
  • size #8 embroidery needle

You can find sources for all my favorite supplies here.

Download the pattern here.

free felt matroyshka pattern

Trace or print the pattern onto Sulky Sticky Fabri-solvy. Cut the pieces apart and stick them to the felt color indicated on the pattern piece.

Stitch right through the stabilizer.

Cut the pieces out right on the solid lines. Where there’s a dotted line, leave a little extra seam allowance. You can see that around the face, and at the top of the hair, apron and dress pieces in the photo.

Soak the stabilizer away in cold water. Let the pieces soak for a good long time, then rinse the softened stabilizer off under cold running water. Hit any stubborn bits with the kitchen sprayer, but don’t rub the surface of the felt.

Set them to dry on a towel. Don’t wring, twist or even smoosh them. Just let them dry.

Use two strands of thread for all stitching. You can, of course, use any colors and stitches you like, but here’s what I used on each piece. . .

free felt matroyshka pattern

For the dress, backstitch the vines and stripes with DMC #601 and #958. The leaves are lazy daisy stitches with DMC #958 and the dots are French knots with DMC #726.

free felt matroyshka pattern

Backstitch the mouth with DMC #3371. The eyes use this stitch.

free felt matroyshka pattern

For the apron, the French knots are DMC #601. The drops are lazy daisy stitches in DMC #726.

free felt matroyshka pattern

The dots on the scarf are French knots in DMC #958. The flowers are lazy daisy with DMC #601. The little stars and the centers of the flowers are DMC #726.

That’s all the pieces. Time to applique! I use this simple whipstitch and two strands of matching thread for all applique.

free felt matroyshka pattern

Applique the flower to the apron. Then applique the center of the flower and the yellow drop.

free felt matroyshka pattern

Lay the apron over the dress and applique the edges down.

free felt matroyshka pattern

Applique the hair to the top of the face.

free felt matroyshka pattern

Then applique the scarf over the face. Depending on how much extra seam allowance you cut around the face, it may hang out past the edges of the sides of the scarf. That’s ok.

free felt matroyshka pattern

Flip the piece over so you can see your stitching line – the circle of purple stitches here. Trim away the excess felt as close to the stitching as possible so that nothing sticks out past the edge of the scarf.

free felt matroyshka pattern

It should look like this when you’re done.

free felt matroyshka pattern

Finally, lay the back piece down on a flat surface and use that as a guide to line up the face and scarf over the bottom half of the doll. Applique the last layers together.

You can applique this finished front to anything else, or you can sew it to the matroyshka back piece using whipstitch all around. Leave a small opening and add a tiny bit of stuffing – just enough to puff it out a bit. Finish sewing it closed and attach a hanging loop to the top if you like.


Free Felt Matroyshka Pattern from Shiny Happy World

You could make a set of these in lots of different colors and string them together into a garland. That would be so pretty!

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Happy stitching!


  1. Oh my gosh, you truly design the happiest things!! This one made my day. Thank you!

    • Thanks so much! Your comment just made MY day. 🙂

  2. Elaine SAYS...

    This is so cute 🙂
    Thank you for sharing the pattern 🙂
    I love making Christmas decorations for the tree for close family members and this is a lovely new idea that will be perfect for that.

  3. connie bower SAYS...

    I can’t wait to make this little Miss! Thank you so much.

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  5. Fatima SAYS...

    Beautiful, beautiful work! I´ll try it! Thank you!

  6. Betty Turner SAYS...

    My seven grandchildren have grown up playing with my collection of Matroysnka dolls, now I hope to make each a felt Matroysnka ornament for this Christmas. Thank you for such an attractive pattern.