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Free Cowl Pattern + Crazy Skein Cowl Kits!


I used to carry some awesome Shepherds Wool Crazy Skein yarn and I got a lot of questions about what would be the best thing to make with it. I’ve used it for lots of things – hats, shawls, scarves and and awesome cowl.

I wrote up a quickie pattern for you that shows off the wonderful texture and colors in this yarn.

Either Way Cowl

It’s a free pattern, and you can download the pdf, here.

Why is it called ‘Either Way Cowl’? Because I’m showing you two different ways to knit a cowl! Try the ‘easiest way’ if you’re new to knitting or want a really simple project! If you have some knitting experience under you’re belt, then ‘try this way’ and watch my provisional cast-on video for help!

cowl freshstitches
‘Try this way’ version shown.

cowl freshstitches

Download your Either Way Cowl Pattern and pick your way!

I can’t wait to see yours!



  1. Kirsten SAYS...

    This is Super Cute and Easy. I must have 50 skeins of Fingering and DK weight Multi Colored of Patterned Yarn and never know what to do with it. Every time I look for something, I either have to little or not quit enough. It’s frustrating. I know I can just wing it but there are times, that at the end of a day, you just don’t want to have to think that much and this fills the bill! I think it will make a wonderful dent in my stash and Christmas presents to all on my list including men! Thanks Stacy!

  2. Kirsten SAYS...

    Hey Stacy,

    You’ve just given me the means to reduce my Stash and fill my Christmas gift list. I always seem to have one or two skeins of a yearn I just couldn’t live without, but could never figure out what to make. Or I never had enough yarn or to little for a pattern I fell in love with. Now I can just cast on and click away! You always seem to come out of nowhere, with just what I need or am looking for…Hope the Little Family is toot-a-ling along and all are well. Thanks again for another great idea!

    • I’m so excited you’ve seen the possibilities of this cowl! It’s a great stash-buster! You might even want to take two crazy contrasting skeins and alternate stripes (2 rows of color 1, 2 rows of color 2…)!
      Things are going great with the family- thank you 🙂

  3. Carrie SAYS...

    Hi! I love this cowl! BUT, I’m not a knitter 🙁 Is there a cowl or scarf pattern you would recommend for crochet? I still have the two skeins of this that I ordered from you last year, and I’m dying to make something with it. But I haven’t yet because I keep waiting on the perfect project!